“It`s starting to work, folks!”

The tide of battle in
Congress on illegal immigration may be turning.

On his weekly radio show
Sunday, Los Angeles-based

Terry Anderson
gave his listeners a report on
participating in

Roger Hedgecock`s
extensive hold
their feet to the fire
series of rallies,
lobbying events and radio broadcasts from Washington,
D.C., over the past week. He described the lobbying as
“a great success,” and gave the faithful hope
that their

efforts for real immigration reform
might someday
prevail on

Capitol Hill.

Anderson made what could
prove to be a prophetic observation:

“It`s starting to work,
folks, it really is.”

“And do I think we did any
good? . . . YES. You`re damn right we did. Do you think
Congress heard us? You`re damn right they heard us. I
know they did. Even if they didn`t want to, they had to

one thing that we heard over and over and over was that
constituents are

. They are angrier than they

have ever been
. This is what the Congress people
told us. We also found out that

are contacting their legislators in
record numbers about illegal immigration. This is
something that has never happened before.

“It`s working to the point
where now they

[members of Congress]
are afraid for their
jobs. They are afraid they`re not going to get any money
and votes from you. And that`s what scares the hell out
of them.

“Keep `em on the run—keep
their feet to the fire!

“Because without these
efforts, America will be lost, and there is no
`practice` America, as I`ve told you many times.”

Anderson`s was the first

talk show
among nineteen hosts to broadcast live
from Washington, D.C. for the event.

He went on the air to
kick-off the week on Sunday, April 25, starting at
midnight Eastern Time as usual, but this time along with
a room full of exuberant anti-invasion activists
who had traveled from across the country to lobby

Anderson explained Sunday:

“I`m proud, very proud, to
have been part of this. And I`ll tell you why.

“Talk show hosts from around
the country were broadcasting

[from Washington, D.C.]
around the clock, dedicated, and angry that our
government has ignored us.

“To get on the radio week
after week and complain about something is one thing.
But to go to Washington and get in their

[representatives`] faces
and demand answers is something else. And that`s what we

Anderson also praised the
April 25 rally in

Lafayette Park
, across from the White House, where
he reported that 300 people showed up. The rally was
“orchestrated and carefully planned by my buddy,

D.A. King
from Atlanta, Georgia,”
he said.

“It was a great success,
folks. That rally was perfect, because it got the
attention of the whole city. We made the

, a little.”

Anderson characterized the
radio hosts and the 400 people from around the country
who traveled to Capitol Hill for the lobbying as all
having the same thing on their minds:

the invasion
—we are not going to put up with this
any longer.”

“Many lobbyists were put
on the air right directly when they came back, to tell
what was going on. Talk hosts were guesting on each
other`s shows. I myself did four shows, and I would have
done more, but I was lobbying most of the time I was

the main guests, those that were most appreciated were
the Congressmen themselves. Many a brave Congressmen
showed up and brought their passion and concern.

“We had people like

Steve King from Iowa

Dana Rohrabacher


Tom Tancredo
from Colorado,

J. D. Hayworth
from Arizona, Ed Royce from
California, and many, many more who showed up and were
on the air.

“Not only did they come on as
guests, they went from show to show to show. Wherever
they were asked to go they went. Early in the morning,
late at night, they were there.

“I bumped into

Tom Tancredo
at 11 o`clock last Tuesday night, 11
o`clock Eastern, he was there STILL on a radio show.
That is amazing.

“It was a great experience
for all of us . . . because . . . I`ve lobbied before in

, but I`ve never been there with a group
of, I will even brave to say, peers. They were there
doing the same thing I was doing.

Anderson continued Sunday on
his show:

“I met great talk hosts who
have the same views that I have.

 Dan Rivers of Ohio,
great guy.
Mark Williams of
Sacramento, CA, and his lovely wife, Holly;
Bruce Jacobs
of Phoenix, and

Lars Larson
who`s on the radio everywhere—what a
great guy, what an experienced guy who really laid it
down the whole time he was there.

“It was focus, focus, focus
for the three days, folks.

Passion, tenacity, intensity,
talent in front of the microphone and in front of a
crowd are great, but what really counts for a radio host
is credibility. And Anderson`s got it.

Keep giving `em hell, Terry!

Juan Mann [send him
] is a lawyer and the proprietor of