It Happened There (3): Court Cripples British National Party For Being Too, Well, British



The Orwellian news
that a British political party is being forced in the
name of
to admit members who oppose its
principles got me thinking about another recent victim
of what

Roland Huntford called
“The New
Renaissance and its

disrupted attempts to hold its biannual conference
So I called



Jared Taylor

and asked what was happening. Answer: nothing—no police
inquiries into the left`s death threats, no outrage or
even news reports in the Main Stream Media or
and libertarian (!) outlets. (We hope to publish an
update from Jared soon.)

Diversity may be strength
, but
clearly it is

not equal protection of the law

On the most
charitable view, Britain has, in recent years, become
the world`s largest

open air lunatic asylum.
You only need open a
newspaper to see the evidence—someone arrested for
his life or home
against attack;

anti-terror laws used to stop the carrying of hairdryers

in public;

employers told not to advertise for
so as not to

against the unreliable.

And so it goes on.
The stories almost jump off the page. Some of these may
be touched up for a market that is greedy for them.
Others may not bear much scrutiny. But enough are true
to let people realize that this country has, over the
past generation, become a very strange and perhaps a
frightening place.

This strange and
frightening quality, though, is
not the
product of insanity. The belief that our leaders have
gone even barking mad, if worrying, is preferable to the
truth—which is that, regardless of their party
affiliations, they have, since at least 1960,

been working for the total destruction

Britain as a country
and the enslavement of its

As evidence for
this, look at the way in which the
British National Party
has been treated.

For those
unfamiliar with

British politics,
the BNP is this country`s
important white nationalist party.
It denounces mass
immigration and multi-culturalism, and the Politically
Correct censorship and persecution that have been

used to smother opposition.
In the past few years,
it has won elections to local representative bodies, and
has two seats in the Parliament of the European Union.
It may also, in the next few months, win a seat in the
British Parliament.

The response of
the British ruling class has been wholly rational. Given
that these people want a police state and a population
too Balkanized along racial and religious lines to offer
any concerted resistance, they cannot tolerate a party
like the BNP. Before 1999, when Nick Griffin became its
leader, the BNP was broadly a national socialist
organization. In those days, it had limited electoral
appeal, and could safely be ignored, or sometimes held
up for ridicule or execration. Now that Mr. Griffin has

changed its core ideology
, the party is

an increasingly credible threat.
Therefore, it must
be destroyed.

During the past
few years, it has been made illegal for members of the
BNP to be

or prison workers. It is

that they should be prevented from

working with children
. Membership lists have been
stolen. Many of those on the lists

have come under pressure.
Mr. Griffin himself was

put on trial under our new hate crime laws
calling Islam—in a private meeting

infiltrated by a media spy

“a wicked,
vicious faith”
. If convicted, he would have faced
seven years in prison: after

two trials,
he was acquitted.

The main effort
now is to destroy the BNP from within. Not surprisingly,
its rules always confined membership to indigenous

. But a U.K.
 Government body
called the  Equality
and Human Rights Commission
(EHRC) decided in 2009
that this rule broke the Race Relations Act 1976 (as
amended), and
the party to court

Needless to say,
the EHRC had done nothing about, for example, the
various black police organizations, which confined
membership to black people. Indeed, the EHRC has never
to one complaint of discrimination
by these
associations against white people. Then again, starting
with its head, West Indian-descended

Trevor Phillips
, the EHRC is filled with supporters
and nominees of the ruling Labour Party. Its

whole function
is to hound enemies of the
ruling class through the courts.

Quite obviously,
the prosecution of the BNP was not intended to promote
“racial equality” as this might reasonably be defined. Its purpose
was to destroy. According to the

of Operation
Black Vote

Nic Careem,
a former Labour activist
from Camden in north London, who is now with the
Conservatives, said he originally argued that black and
Asian people should join the BNP en mass

[sic] to cause chaos and expose the extent of racism inside the party of Nick

In other words,
the BNP is to be flooded with non-whites, who will then
use further legal action—assuming the internal
structures of the party are insufficient—to destroy it.

The courts forced
Mr. Griffin to drop the restriction on membership. The
BNP`s first non-white member was an

elderly Sikh
opponent of Islamic fundamentalism.

However, Mr.
Griffin did impose two conditions on new members to
block flooding attempts. First, he ruled that
prospective members should be visited in their homes by
BNP officials, to see if they were suitable for
membership. Second, all members were required to declare

“continued creation, fostering, maintenance and
of an indigenous British race, and action
towards “stemming
and reversing”

This second rule
seems to have been used to stop a rich Pakistani called

Mo Chaudry
from joining. He had said he would join
the party to fight
them from the inside
. [Asian
businessman fights to join BNP
, Channel 4 News,
March 12 2010]

This did not suit
the EHRC. It took the BNP to court again, arguing that
the requirement amounted to indirect racial

Last Friday, 12th
March 2010, Paul Collins, the most senior County Court
Judge in London, agreed with the EHRC. He outlawed the
requirement for home visits, saying that this might lead
to intimidation—though admitting that there was no
evidence it ever had. He also outlawed the requirement
to declare support for party principle and policy. The


“I hold that the BNP are likely to
commit unlawful acts of discrimination within section 1b
Race Relations Act 1976 in the terms on which they are
prepared to admit persons to membership under the 12th
addition of their constitution”
BNP membership rules judged to be biased
Manchester Evening News, March 12, 2010]

The basis for this
reasoning, the Judge claimed, is that, while no BNP
policy breaks the law, no non-white person could support
these policies without compromising their
“personal sense
of self-worth and dignity as a member of their racial

And so the BNP is
now required to accept members
regardless of
whether they agree with BNP policy

Nick Griffin was
forced on the spot to change his party`s membership
criteria, or face jail for himself and forfeiture of
party assets.

Of course, this is
a bizarre ruling. In the first place, the claim that
non-whites cannot support the policies of the BNP is
untrue in fact. Some do. It is also patronizing for any
outsider to tell people how they should view their
“personal sense of self-worth and dignity as a member of their racial
. That is properly a matter for every
individual to decide for himself.

In the second
place, the principle stated by Judge Collins leads to
absurdity. If I am a white supremacist, I will be
deterred from joining Unite Against Fascism, because I
shall be expected to support policies contrary to my own
sense of my
and “dignity”.  If I am a devout
Christian, I will be

from becoming a Moslem, because I shall be

required to say

is the

Prophet of God
. If I am a devout Moslem, I will be
deterred from becoming a Christian, because I shall be
required to believe that Christ was the Son of God. If
the principle enunciated by Judge Collins is to be
consistently applied, all these groups must be compelled
to accept their opponents.

But the principle
will not be consistently applied
As in Zimbabwe, the British courts are increasingly
creatures of the ruling party. The Judge had no choice
but to rule as he did.

Britain is no
longer a free country. It is a

police state,
in which freedom of speech is being
narrowed to allow nothing more than polite disagreement
with the authorities over things not regarded as central
to the 1997 New Labour Revolution—and in which freedom
of association means nothing at all.

Within the next
few years, it is likely that the BNP will be banned.
This may be an honest ban, in the sense that the party
is directly outlawed by Act of Parliament. But, more
likely, all candidates will be forced to take an
oath of loyalty to the established order
before they
can stand for election. Any candidate who does falsely
swear support for

the creation and fostering of
and who is elected, will then face being unseated and
prosecuted the moment he opens his mouth.

For the moment,
however, the BNP can be flooded by its political
opponents. This may be enough to finish the party as a
threat. It will not happen in time to prevent the party
from fighting its campaign in the general election that
must be held within the next few months. But Mr. Griffin
was presented the other day with a legal bill variously

at between


—is it any coincidence that this money must
be handed over just weeks before a general election, and
by a party that is already short of money?

Of course, all of
this scandalous.

What I also find
scandalous is that so few people other than supporters
of the BNP are prepared to speak out against it. I am a

, not a
I have never voted for the BNP or any
similar party. And I seem to be the only person of my
kind, and with any degree of prominence in my country,
who is willing to complain.

What is being done
to the BNP is unfair in itself, and sets a frightening
precedent. We have now reached a point in Britain where
no one can truly claim to believe in freedom of speech
or freedom of association unless he is willing to stand
up in public for the right of Nick Griffin and the
British National Party to speak their minds and
organize in support of what they believe

Dr. Sean Gabb

is a writer, academic, broadcaster and Director of the


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