Gun Control: The Criminal Lobby


Democracy by Decree
, recently published by
Yale University Press, New York Law School professors

Ross Sandler

David Schoenbrod
show how the plaintiff`s bar and
judges have used

consent decrees
to take government away from elected

Two recent books by the

Manhattan Institute`s
Walter K. Olson and the

National Rifle Association`s
Wayne LaPierre show how
class action lawyers are trying to use the courts to
take away our constitutional rights.


The Rule of Lawyers
(St. Martin`s Press, 2003),
Mr. Olson

how left-wing gun control fanatics used
wealthy class action lawyers and private foundations in

effort to destroy U.S. gun manufacturers.
lawyers invented new concepts of liability and blamed
gun manufacturers for the misuse of guns by individuals.

Mr. Olson notes that the twisted argument of the
suits would hold match companies responsible for the
actions of arsonists.

The suits, of course, were not designed to win a
legal point, but to bankrupt gun manufacturers, many of
which are small and family owned, with legal fees
defending against many separate lawsuits filed in behalf
of many cities.

The goal of the lawsuits was a settlement that would
create a five-member politically unaccountable
“commission” to take over the gun industry.

Mr. Olson

the irony of cities, which

sell thousands of used police weapons on
the gun market, fronting for lawsuits against gun
manufacturers for selling their wares to federally
licensed dealers. Mr. Olson exposes the dishonesty of
representing anti-gun billionaires, such as

George Soros
, and billionaire

class action lawyers,
whose trophy investments

sports teams,
as “underdogs” in their onslaught
against small, thinly financed

family-owned gun manufacturers

Gullible Americans are not rare. All that is required
for a small wealthy elite to destroy the Second
Amendment is a gullible jury and a judge who permits a
class action suit to expropriate the powers of

Wealthy gun control fanatics are in the forefront of
the powerful lobbies determined to block any tort reform
that would prevent private groups from assuming the
powers of lawmakers. In

Guns, Freedom and Terrorism
(WND Books, 2003),
Wayne LaPierre describes the attempt underway to destroy
the concept of personal responsibility and to hold
innocent third parties liable for criminal acts.

We might think this can never happen in America, but
Mr. LaPierre`s report in the May 2003

American Rifleman
shows that victims of
criminals are now held responsible for the actions of
the criminals who victimized them.

In 1992 two teenage males stole three handguns from a
gun show. Next the teenagers went on a rampage breaking
into cars. Stealing one, they amused themselves by
sliding it into garbage cans. When they lost control and
crashed, the person who approached the car to see if
they were injured was shot twice for his compassion.

A normal person might think it is clear enough that
the teenagers themselves are responsible for their crime
spree. However, in 1996 an Ohio court decided that it
was the gun show promoter!

In 2002 Kristen Rand of the

Violence Policy Center
, an anti-gun group,

the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and
Consumer Protection that tort reform would interfere
with the ability to hold innocent people responsible for
the actions of criminals.

It is important for the American people, she claimed,
for decisions such as the Ohio one to flourish.

New York`s Sullivan Act, the original gun control
law, was passed in response to the criminal lobby in New
York`s Red Hook district. Robbers objected to the right
of their intended victims to carry concealed weapons and
succeeded in getting the right outlawed.

It is equally clear today that criminals are the only
beneficiary of gun control laws. In his book Mr.
LaPierre documents the results of Great Britain`s total
ban on handguns, rifles, pump-action and semi-automatic

Violent crime in Britain has exploded. A

disarmed public
is at the mercy of

well-armed thugs.
The British people are robbed,
raped and murdered in their homes and offices, on

their streets
, and in their subways and public

The British experience proves beyond any shadow of
doubt the truth of the NRA`s point:

“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have

Craig Roberts is the author with Lawrence M. Stratton of

The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and
Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name
of Justice
. Click

for Peter
Magazine interview with Roberts about the recent
epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.