Don`t Listen To Linda Chavez

With immigration smothering California, it tells us
something about the state of American democracy that not
a single major candidate for governor ever mentions the

There are minor candidates, like the intrepid

Joe Guzzardi


, who grasp what`s going on in California
and don`t hesitate to tell voters about it, but few seem
to pay much attention.

One who seems to have paid no attention to much of
anything is

Linda Chavez
, the Republican Party`s Professional

Hispanic Female Neo-conservative.
In a column in the
San Diego Union
last week she virtually endorsed the

GOP`s favorite musclehead
, Arnold Schwarzenegger, at
a time that almost all other conservatives were rightly
insisting that Arnold is

no conservative at all

Well, OK, Mr., Schwarzenegger did support
California`s Proposition 187 back in 1994, the ballot
measure that denied public benefits to illegal
immigrants and their children, but virtually the only
conservative position he is known to have taken is
precisely what Miss Chavez tried to explain away.

“I am no fan of `Prop. 187`," she writes.
"I spoke out against it at the time and agreed with the
opinion of a federal court that declared the measure

The reason it was struck down was the same sort of
phony constitutionalism that real conservatives have
come to know and despise – Prop 187 would have denied
the children of illegal aliens access to public schools
in California, and the

had already

that such children have a constitutional
right to being educated at the taxpayer`s expense.

The truth is that Prop 187 was no more
unconstitutional than laws against

or putting the

Ten Commandments
in a courtroom.

Even so, Prop 187, as Miss Chavez acknowledges,

with some 59 percent of the popular vote in
California. It also resuscitated the political career of
Gov. Pete Wilson, who campaigned for it, and carried to
victory at least five Republican congressional
candidates, which helped the party win a congressional
majority in 1994.

So what should the Republicans do? Repudiate it, as
Miss Chavez and most neo-cons (Bill Kristol, Jack Kemp,
William Bennett) at the time demanded, and

shut up about immigration control

So much for the neo-con

to the GOP majority.

So now, Miss Chavez is back with more advice for her
party. Mr. Schwarzenegger, it turns out, was on the
board of a group called

U.S. English
, which believes immigrants should learn
the English language. Miss Chavez used to be the group`s
president but resigned because its founder wrote what
she calls "a private memorandum that was both
anti-Hispanic and anti-Catholic."

"The memo," she writes, "alleged that the
influx of so many Catholic immigrants from Latin America
and Asia was going to alter the demographics of the
country because of their higher birthrates, so that, in
his words, `For the first time in history those of us
with our pants up will be caught by those with their
pants down.`"

So what is either "anti-Catholic" or "anti-Hispanic"
about that?

Why is the sentiment expressed false or

More importantly, why did Miss Chavez resign from
U.S. English because of what was written in a "private
memorandum”? [VDARE.COM

, which considers

almost everyone
has posted this private memo – from the heroic Dr. John
Tanton – on its website, readers are invited to

see for themselves
inoffensive it is. And while you`re at it, you can read
Dr. Tanton`s reply to the SPLC


More important still, why does anyone pay any
attention at all to this dingbat?

Miss Chavez is worried that California`s voters might
actually think Mr. Schwarzenegger supported the
memorandum`s views, but she grants him the favor of
doubting it.

Since she was president of the organization at the
time and resigned because of the memo and Mr.
Schwarzenegger was on the advisory board and didn`t
resign, she`s probably wrong about that too.

But she does say she met him in 1988 and found him
"bright, charming and very committed to the proposition
that English is the

key to success

immigrants who come to the United States."

No doubt, but the main reason we should want
immigrants to learn English is not because it helps them
be successful but because English is the language of the
country and a major part of the

cultural heritage
from which the country and its
core population come.


of non-English languages

that identity and heritage. Miss Chavez
never seems to grasp that.

Indeed, whatever it is

she does grasp
is probably not what the Republican
Party needs to hear much about.

She misses the point of the single most important
issue of the last decade and still doesn`t get either
its intrinsic merits or political importance.

She resigns from the leadership of a group because an
internal memo expressed ideas both true and important
but which she both misunderstood and feared.

The Republican Party, in California and elsewhere,
has heard quite enough from the

, garrulous and largely useless Miss
Chavez [email

It would be well advised to pay her no further



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