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A Comanche Looks At Columbus
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Great men often suffer greatly. And where there is
greatness, there is great error.  Columbus was no
exception, by all accounts.

I consider Columbus one of the greatest men who ever
lived, certainly since the


. I would therefore expect him to be
demonized. Nevertheless, whether denounced by

modern American Indian protesters
paid by white
liberals, or condemned

by his own contemporary countrymen
, the rage against
Columbus has ever but slightly shadowed his true
accomplishments.  Anger
is a weak ideology. True greatness is untouchable
and triumphant, even if it`s crucified along the way.

As an American Indian—a Comanche—I find no objection
at all to the

Columbus venture
.  Columbus, having never
encountered my people, or any other American Indian
tribe, certainly deserves a dispassionate opinion from
me. I find it stifling to be denied the wonderment his
adventure affords. I

find it demeaning
to be coerced by political
correctness to associate his name with every ill

experienced by the American Indian
subsequent to his
arrival in the Caribbean.

Fortunately, Columbus` name and adventure survived
the contumely over the centuries.  The
liberal-backed Indians
who protest today really
represent the weakest criticism of all, the least
logical, and the worst construct.

Yes, in 1500 Columbus was brought back from the
Caribbean to Castile—in
. But there was earthly logic in that.

Comendador Bobadilla
, the Spanish governor of
Hispaniola, saw some bloody evidence (hanging bodies of
Spaniards—punished by Columbus),

immediately misinterpreted it
and took advantage of
it, in the name of the Crown and his own power. On the
other hand, today`s mythical association of every known

Indian personal pang
with the

name of Columbus
is utterly irrational.

And not only was

Bobadilla himself cruel
to the Caribbean Indians,
but today`s

liberal political abuse of Indians
is equally cruel,
in my opinion. It is a spiritual slavery, of imaginary
or misconceived injustice, that liberals impose on the
minds of Indians.

To tell Indians they must denounce
Judeo-Christian European civilization
is like making
them bark at the moon. What is accomplished by
encouraging perpetual discontent? It is an ultimately
self-destructive anger that the liberals offer Indians.

I for one Indian deeply resent and reject this puppet
role, this wooden Indian posture. Give me the

aspirations of Columbus.
Give me the

world to explore!
That feels a lot better.

One who is often lauded in the ranks of liberals is
Kirkpatrick Sale, author of the terrific book, The Conquest of Paradise.
book, seven years in the writing, is actually a dramatic
balance of violently opposing views.

The fact is Sale can`t help himself. Though a
renowned liberal, he cannot disguise the historical
record, nor does he try. Yes, he founded the

New York Green Party
, and takes many opportunities
to denounce the
mechanical materialism of European society
and its
galactic expansions through America. But, the facts in
the case of Columbus, the sheer telling of the story, is
overwhelmingly convincing. Columbus was

an extraordinarily individual
. Sale simply can`t
tell the story any other way.

It may be true that people simply need

. But the gainsayers never replace them with

anything comparable,
let alone better.

Indeed, the critics
can`t comprehend greatness
. They are but leeches,
living off

protesting the achievement of others.
Worse, they
are thieves. As college professors, they rob

of their natural aspirations, their
instinctive ambitions. They offer instead an attitude of


, and

. They degrade reality.

Greatness speaks for itself.  It is its own

Dr. David A. Yeagley [email
is an enrolled member of the

Comanche Nation
Elgin, Oklahoma. His articles appear in
and on his own Web site
and he is a regular speaker for

Young America`s Foundation
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David Yeagley is the author of 
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