Chris Cannon`s Guns Spiked By Immigration Reformer

On Saturday, May 8, at the Utah
Republican Party convention, Matt Throckmorton forced a
primary run-off against four-term incumbent U.S.

Chris Cannon

The June 22 showdown may mark the
end for Cannon—one of the most notorious

open borders advocates


immigration politics.

Cannon, needing 60% of the delegates
for automatic re-nomination, was stopped cold by an
aggressive Throckmorton, who forced immigration into the
forefront. And no matter how he tried, Cannon could not
dodge the issue.

Throckmorton`s victory also sent a
warning to all other pro-illegal alien
and to the beleaguered George W. Bush:
continued disregard of immigration might buy you, to

Terry Malloy

On the Waterfront,

a “one-way ticket to


Although Salt Lake City`s Deseret
described Throckmorton`s victory as a shocker,”
it is anything but to those who know both candidates.
[GOP selects Huntsman, Karras |

Cannon is forced into primary battle in the 3rd District

By Bob Bernick Jr. and Jerry D. Spangler, Sunday, May 9,

Throckmorton has consistently argued
to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Cannon, on the other
hand, actively

pursues amnesty for aliens
and has co-sponsored
numerous bills that would bring an

entire new wave of aliens
into the country.

In a post-victory interview,
Throckmorton told me that he felt that voters simply did
not trust Cannon.

Said Throckmorton, “People want
to believe that their Congressman is telling the truth.
But Cannon would look people in the eye and tell them he
is against amnesty. His record indicates otherwise.”

According to

Americans for Better Immigration,
Cannon has either

voted for or co-sponsored
nine bills since 2001 that
are de facto amnesties.

What makes Throckmorton`s victory
all the sweeter is that Cannon pulled out all the stops
to defeat him. In addition to playing the race card at
virtually every turn, Cannon outspent Throckmorton by a
ratio of 18-1. Throckmorton`s outlay was a mere $11,115.

Cannon complained loudly that " a
lot of money has come into this race from out of state"
to undo him.

Craig Nelsen

Project USA
wonders if Cannon could possibly be
referring to him since his organization spent a paltry
$2,000 to place billboards in Utah`s 3rd
District that read:

“Congressman Chris Cannon wants amnesty for illegal

Cannon`s $204, 879 campaign exceeded
more than 100 times the cost of the billboards.

Cannon is, however, no stranger to
campaign donations from out of state.

Nelsen, in his

Project USA Ezine summary
of the Cannon-Throckmorton


  • 94% of the non-PAC contributions
    to Cannon are from sources outside of Utah; mostly from
    the Washington, DC area.

  • The number one “industry” funding
    Cannon is


Throckmorton, a former member of the
state legislature, has

long championed
reduced immigration. Cannon, however,
uses his position as a member of the House Judiciary
Committee immigration subcommittee to thwart meaningful
reform at every turn.

Furthermore, Cannon had the audacity
to accept the Mexican-American Legal Defense and
Education Fund

“Excellence in Leadership”
award in 2002.
During his acceptance speech, Cannon made this galling

“We love
immigrants in Utah. And we don`t oftentimes make the
distinction between legal and illegal. In fact I think
Utah was the first state in the country to legislate the
ability to get a driver`s license based on the

matricula consular
and of that I am proud.”[Watch
in RealAudio, courtesy of

But now, years of

pandering to the illegal alien lobby
have caught up
with Cannon.

Although Throckmorton, a true
American with real American values, expects a tough race,
he is optimistic.

Poised and eager to replace Cannon,
Throckmorton said to me:

“We`re really happy right now.
Our polls showed that we could do it. And we did.”

Joe Guzzardi [email
him], an instructor in English at the Lodi
Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column
since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.