Amnesty / Immigration Surge Bill: The Regime Against The Nation

Last week, in
one of the great uprisings of modern politics, Middle
America rose up and body-slammed the national


Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty
for 12 million to 20
million illegal aliens, and for the businesses that have
hired them—a bill backed by La Raza and the U.S. Chamber
of Commerce, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington
Post—went down to crushing defeat.

Majority Leader
Harry Reid fell 15 votes short (45 to 50) of shutting
off debate. Like the rout of the

Dubai ports deal,
the victory was achieved by a

firestorm of public protest,

in millions of phone calls and e-mails,
and citizens
marching to town meetings.

The capital`s
capitulation to the country was unprecedented and
astonishing. Not two weeks earlier, the amnesty
provision of the bill had been supported by more than 60

But opponents of
this bill, which would reward

mass criminality
with mass amnesty and eventual U.S.
citizenship, ought not rest.


President Bush is coming back to resuscitate the
and this bill has more support in the
Senate than the 45 votes it got Thursday. Some

Republicans and Democrats
who voted not to shut off
debate are privately committed to amnesty, if they can
be given political cover and face-saving amendments to
take home.

Sen. John Kyl is
not necessarily wrong when he


"All we have to do on the
Republican side is sit down with those who have
amendments, get those amendments in a reasonable
package, not too many, but enough so all of the members
can say they had their chance."

Kyl reads his
party right. For the GOP is the political instrument of
K Street and Corporate America—the folks who fund the
party and finance the campaigns. And the No. 1 issue of
Corporate America is Bush-Kennedy-McCain. For not only
does it give

blanket amnesty
to businesses for hiring illegals,
it legalizes the illegals and ensures Corporate America
an endless supply of cheap immigrant labor.

The fundamental
reason this bill is not dead is that its authors and
backers will never quit. For this legislation is part of
a larger agenda of a large slice of America`s economic
and political elite.

What is that

They have a
vision of a world where not only capital and goods but
people move freely across borders. Indeed, borders
disappear. It is a vision of a

"deep integration"
of the United States, Canada
and Mexico in a North American Union, modeled on the
European Union and tied together by super-highways and
railroads, where crossing from Mexico into the United
States would be as easy as crossing from Virginia into
Maryland. It is about the merger of nations into larger
transnational entitles and, ultimately, global

This immigration
bill is but a piece of a great global project already
far advanced. In 1993, a majority of Americans opposed
the NAFTA trade deal with Mexico because they did not
believe the propaganda and feared that, as Henry
Kissinger said, it represented the architecture of a new
world order.

More than a
dozen years have elapsed. And the results? Contrary to
the promises, our trade surplus with Mexico did not
grow. It vanished. In 13 years, we have run $500 billion
in trade deficits with Mexico. Last year`s $60 billion
was the largest ever. Mexico now exports more cars,
trucks and auto parts to the United States than we
export to the world.

What NAFTA did
was enable U.S. companies to close their plants here,
fire their American workers, and move their factories
and jobs to Mexico, while Mexico continued to export its
poor to the United States.

What is the
hidden agenda of the global companies, which evolved out
of what were once great American companies?

They want a
limitless supply of

low-wage immigrant labor
and an end to penalties for
hiring illegals. They want the freedom to shut factories
here and move them to nations where wages are low,
benefits nonexistent and regulations lax. They want to
be able to move products back to the United States free
of charge. They want to be rid of their American
workers, but keep their American consumers.

They want to be
able to go out to Asia and
hire bright kids
and bring them to the United States
to replace
middle-aged U.S. workers
who cost too much. They
want to be able to outsource their white-collar jobs to
India at a fraction of the wages they pay Americans.

It is about
globalism—and about greed. And, as the Bible says, love
of money is the root of all evil. But they have a
problem. The nation has begun to awaken to the reality
that the vision of the

global corporation
and the transnational elite
cannot be realized without the death of the American
republic. And so they are in a fight that is long



Patrick J. Buchanan

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