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Election Integrity Commission Disbanded By Trump Due To Treason Lobby Lawfare

After months of being delayed from accomplishing anything, the election [...]

Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Prevented From Meeting Due To Litigation. Why Is Secure Voter ID So Controversial?

It figures. Trump’s election integrity commission has been prevented from [...]

A Reader Reports On The Dems’ (Failed) Multicultural Outreach In GA-6

From: Mark [Email him] I received this the other day [...]

WASHINGTON TIMES: “Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote” –As We (And Trump) Have Been Saying

  Rowan Scarborough over at the Washington Times reports that [...]

Study Finds Hillary Got (At Least) 800,000 Votes From Non-Citizens

The Main Stream Media, the “opposition party” as Steve Bannon [...]

Mohamad Khweis: Another “Virginia Man” (Palestinian-American Muslim) Charged With Terrorism

Someone, I forget who, retweeted this: Va man, Mohamad Khweis [...]

Rachel Maddow And The RNC’s Preemptive Surrender On Voter Fraud

It’s a form of what what the late Sam Francis [...]

UnElecting A People—Amnesty Is The Ultimate Form Of “Voter Suppression”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is refusing to admit that the Democrats need to change anything about their

Democrats On Defensive: So 2014 To Set New Records In Voter Fraud?

North Carolina advertizing voter fraud possible. H/T Powerline Doing a [...]

Voter Fraud Looms In Close Electoral Races

With the vital mid-term elections coming up on Tuesday, the [...]