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“Doonesbury” Staying Relevant–Cartoon Acts Like UVA Rape Hoax Hasn’t Been Exposed, Blames Lead Time

[ Note—DOONESBURY’s Garry Trudeau published a Cartoon on Sunday that [...]

Jackie and Sabrina: Forbidding Criticism Tends To Make People Behave Worse

In the comments, Paleo Retiree of Uncouth Reflections writes: December [...]

WASHINGTON POST Denounces “Frat at Center of U-Va. Sexual Assault Controversy”

From today’s Washington Post: ‘Gentlemanly’ nonsense from frat at center [...]

Roanoke Times: Frat Boy Sues for Being Expelled from Washington & Lee in Wake of JackieGate

Washington & Lee is a private college in Virginia that [...]

Ann Coulter: The ROLLING STONE And False Rape Claims–2 In 5 Women Who Claim Rape Are Lying

In response to the total implosion of Rolling Stone‘s preposterous [...]

UVA Rape Story: WASHINGTON TIMES Explains How Jackie’s Catfish Spoof Worked

From the Washington Times: Friends of U.Va. rape accuser begin [...]

UVA Rape Story: After 48 Hours, NYT Still Hasn’t Mentioned Jackie’s Catfishing

The Washington Post released on Wednesday afternoon T. Rees Shapiro’s [...]

Latest Questionable Sabrina Rubin Erdely Story: “Wife, Mother, Madam”

Apparently, Sabrina Rubin Erdely was a fabulist in college. Or [...]

Will the Media Now Just Drop the UVA Rape Hoax?

In the 30 hours since the Washington Post’s All-Time Great [...]