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UVA Rape Hoax: The Importance of Three Words: “Catfishing” and “Haven Monahan”

From the Washington Post: ‘Catfishing’ over love interest might have [...]

Asian Female Harvard Law Professor: Majority of Men Accused of Campus Rape Are Minority

As we all know, the Campus Rape Crisis is due [...]

ROLLING STONE Comes Out in Support of Jihad: “After Paris Attacks, Don’t Close Doors to Refugees – Open Them”

After the attacks in Paris, we shouldn't close our doors [...]

UVA Frat Sues “Rolling Stone” for $25 Million Over Haven Monahan Catfish Hoax

From the Associated Press: University of Virginia frat files $25M [...]

Libeled Nice White Lady Dean at UVA Sues ROLLING STONE

Left: Original photo of UVA’s Dean Eramo; Right, demonic [...]

Rolling Stone Sued For $5.75 Million By UVA Dean

Let the lawsuits begin. Nicole Eramo, whom Rolling Stone falsely [...]

A Reader Wonders When A Brutal Rape By A Salvadoran Immigrant Will Get A ROLLING STONE Cover Story

From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him] We must [...]

A Reader Notes The Existence Of A Real Rape Culture–Just Not Among White University Students

For some reason, Sabrina Rubin Erdely wasn’t interested in this [...]

UVA Rape Hoax: The Megaphone Never Suffers a Loss; It’s Always Either a Win or a Rainout

A friend with a lot of experience in how the [...]

GAWKER’s Anna Merlan Has “Apologized” But Her Attack On UVA Rape Skeptics Still Lacks A “Professional Journalistic Correction”

Gawker‘s Anna Merlan was outraged that anyone could doubt the [...]