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Strategic Deportation: Targeting Known Illegal Alien “Activists”

Steve Sailer has posted on the recent arrests, near arrests, [...]

The New Hitler Inhumanely Deports Immigration Activist / Cocaine Dealer to Notorious Hellhole Haiti After Only 18 Years of Appeals

From the Washington Post: ICE has detained or deported prominent [...]

Despite Crackdown, Some Illegal Aliens Aren’t Being Arrested

Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas [...]

The Return of Rule of Law–“ICE Is Going After People Who Were Once Off-Limits”

This Nation article explains why the center-left has been so [...]

John Derbyshire: Can MacArthur Awards Go Lower Than Genius T. Coates? Meet Cristina (Jiménez?) Moreta! etc.

Adapted from the October 13 Radio Derb, available exclusively on The weirdest aspect of the Open-Borders ideology is

“Dreamer” Strategically Deported, Trump Administration Reading

[See Also: How To Reclaim America: Attrition Through Enforcement—And Strategic Deportation] [...]

TPM Accuses Peter Brimelow Calling For Something Illegal–But Deporting Illegals Is Already The Law

TalkingPointsMemo has a report on the conference, and one [...]

Trump’s “Deportation Force” Great—But He Shouldn’t Forget “Self-Deportation”

  In 2005, the leftist Center for American Progress released a study [PDF] that estimated the cost of deporting

Trumping Michael Tomasky

Michael Tomasky is very upset Donald Trump brought up the [...]

AP Says Trump’s Deportation Idea Is Impossible–Here’s Why They’re Wrong

The Associated Press has a story attacking Trump’s suggestion that [...]