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Regression To The Mean Continues In South Africa As Africans Throw Poop At Statues

What Progress Looks Like If one one of the more [...]

Murder Rate in South Africa Reaches “All Time High”. The Solution? Disarm Whites!

A BBC Graph well before the all time high. Events [...]

Christopher Hitchens On Capital Punishment And “Liberated” South Africa

Love, Poverty, and War is a 2004 collection of  Christopher [...]

John Derbyshire: What Does South Africa Tell Us About The Prospects For A Successful Multiracial State?

Nelson Mandela will be buried on Sunday December 15. South Africa will, at least until then, have the

Reagan Was Right on South Africa

 "Apartheid is an affront to human rights and human dignity. Normal and friendly relations cannot exist between the

White South African Political Refugee J.M. Coetzee on Nelson Mandela

In the Sydney Morning Herald, the South African-born 2003 Nobel laureate in literature J.M.

RIP Nelson Mandela—And The Dream Of A First-World South Africa

With the death of Nelson Mandela, a tidal wave of schmaltz and sentimental dreck is about to

More On The Non-Sharpeville Massacre In South Africa

In August, I wrote about 34 black South African strikers who got shot to death by black South

A Reader Sympathizes With Black South African Miners Killed By Black South African Police

Re: James Fulford`s blog item: Black Police Kill Black Miners "In A Spectacle That Reminded Many South Africans