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Newsweek`s Samuelson Knows (And Sometimes Reports)
The Immigration Score [Peter

Several readers have sent us Newsweek economics
columnist Robert J. Samuelson`s October 18

The Changing Face Of Poverty
, which notes that
the increasing poverty rate, and the increasing numbers
of individuals without health insurance, are essentially
driven by immigration. Of course, both points have
already been made by VDARE.COM`s

Ed Rubenstein
(for example,

).  I`m confident, however, Samuelson really
knows the score. I had marked his work more than ten
years ago and sent him an inscribed copy of

Alien Nation
—no response, alas. But as he says
in this column:

You haven`t heard much
in this campaign about these problems—and you won`t. To
raise them is to seem racist; that`s a heavy burden for
politicians or journalists.

Some day soon, I predict, Samuelson will venture to look
at the fact that a disproportionate share of jobs are
going to immigrants (Ed wrote about it

) and that immigration is impacting the incomes,
not just of the unskilled, but also of the
college-educated (here).
More power to him.

Liberals And Naiveté



Mickey Kaus has

an item on welfare reform,
and the drop in
illegitimacy caused by

welfare reform,
and removal of a

guaranteed income
for any mother of an illegitimate
child. He refers to Jason DeParle`s

new book
on the subject and says:

DeParle drives home a
point I first saw made by journalist Leon Dash:

Many teenagers have out-of-wedlock babies because they

to have the babies,
not because they do not have access to or knowledge of

This is what makes neoliberals look naïve. Didn`t
everybody always know that if you pay people to
have children they`ll have children?

Leon Dash
is a black reporter who spent a year in
1984-85 living

in "one of the

poorest ghettos
in Washington, D.C"
as a
reporter. He wrote

When Children Want Children.

He too was surprised that the young mothers were getting
pregnant on purpose. But it wouldn`t have surprised any
conservative anywhere, at any time.

It wouldn`t have surprised

Henry Hazlitt
 in 1973, or
Herbert Spencer
in 1884. It certainly wouldn`t have

Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan.

Why does it take years of research so that a neo-liberal
can have a Road to Damascus moment and realize what
their mothers and grandmothers knew?

Bryanna vs. Joe On Bush [Bryanna


Joe Guzzardi
is a male writer willing to write about
issues that

affect women
.  And he doesn`t also get his choker
chain pulled by some woman as a result.  I commend him
for both. 

That said, I disagree with my friend`s analysis of why
women support Bush.

Joe`s right about the salary gap between male and female
political staffers. There really is a noticeable and
significant gap. 

But, in my experience as Chief of Staff for a Member of
the California State Assembly, most senior staff members
or decision maker, at least for Republican politicians,
were female

Not to destroy the image of the sweet, unassuming little
woman…but most women who choose politics as an
occupation are far more interested in controlling the
decision-making process than compensation.  

Plus I think the reason women are shifting their support
toward Bush isn`t complicated. (Full disclosure: Yes, I
am a Bush supporter). 

It is due to human nature; something instinctive in our

Women naturally gravitate towards men like President
Bush—men who make decisions, right or wrong, and offer
no apology.

don`t mean he is incapable of admitting error. But he is
a disciplined man, ready to brazen out any blunder but
only in due course; never at the expense of the duty at

Indecisive men, men who say “I don`t know, what do
you want to do?”
appear weak.

look at President Bush and see a Commander-in-Chief. The
extraordinary number of military personnel under his
command need a leader who will pick a side and then
abide by it. 

Maybe President Bush will do that with immigration
reform.  But I won`t hold my breath.