The Megaphone In Action: NYT Still At It Over Dallas Murdering JFK

The Megaphone In Action: NYT Still At It Over Dallas Murdering JFK
From the front of, this exercise in shamelessness:

Dallas Mourns a Day It Cannot Escape


Thousands joined to honor President John F. Kennedy in a tribute leaders hoped would also help heal a city long stigmatized by his death.

DALLAS — This Texas city, long scarred by the guilt and shame of being the place President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, stood in silent tribute on Friday. … 

It is a day that has forever haunted Dallas, and Friday’s ceremony was as much about moving on as it was about remembering. Never before has Dallas marked the assassination with such a large, costly event. 

John Angle, 23, a senior at Southern Methodist University, who was at the plaza Friday, said the city — though a far different place now — was still seeking redemption

“I think this is Dallas’s day to try to redeem itself to the world,” Mr. Angle said. …

Few cities in the United States have lived under the kind of stigma that has marked Dallas for half a century. Labeled the City of Hate after the assassination, Dallas had been a hub of right-wing, anti-Kennedy extremists who attacked visiting public figures before the president’s visit. 

Next up: three articles in the NYT on how Manhattan murdered John Lennon.* Oh, wait, no, that`s not going to happen …

P.S., the Washington Post has been less hallucinatory, but today it follows the NYT`s lead, too:

In 1963, the roots of a political extremism 

Bill Minutaglio 

ESSAY | A University of Texas professor describes a Dallas that was seething with hostility and suspicion toward the president.

* Now that I think about it, a man inspired to kill by Holden Caulfield did have a fair amount to do with Manhattan`s culture, as did the next big assassination attempt two months later by a man inspired to try to kill by Scorsese`s Taxi Driver.