Ron Paul Says We`re Scapegoating Immigrants—And That`s Not The Worst Part!
February 02, 2012, 03:20 AM
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I was saddened but unsurprised by this Ron Paul story:

Paul: Immigration not solved by barbed wire, guns

By Beth Fouhy

Associated Press / February 1, 2012

LAS VEGAS—Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul outlined his views on immigration Wednesday, saying he favors a compassionate policy that doesn`t rely on "barbed-wire fences and guns on our border."

Of course, it`s true that immigration is not solved by barbed wire, and guns, only illegal immigration--where barbed wire and guns work very well, thank you. Legal immigration will have to be dealt with by Congress, but not with a "compassionate policy", that never works.

However, I was a little startled by this horrifying  speech, which suggests that the controversy about Ron Paul`s newsletters has caused him to embrace Big Brother:

Paul blasted politicians who blame immigrants for causing the country`s economic problems. He compared the situation to Nazi Germany`s targeting of Jews in the 1930s.

"When things go badly, individuals look for scapegoats," Paul said. "Hispanics, the immigrants who have come in, are being used as scapegoats." [More]

I presume this comparison means he`s comparing those of his opponents who want to enforce the immigration law to Nazis.

As for being "scapegoats," by definition, you can`t be a scapegoat if you`re guilty. Illegals are guilty.

And as for his Nazi Germany comparison, it`s just crazy.

Kathy Shaidle keeps reminding people that Muslims (whom Ron Paul also wants to protect from Michele Bachmann) "aren`t the new Jews. They`re the new Nazis." This also applies, in this context, to the Mexican illlegals crossing the southern border.

They`re invading someone else`s country! You know, like Hitler did.