Radio Derb Transcript Up: Hobbyhorses In Florida, National Character, Blackety-Black History Month, Etc

The Radio Derb Transcript is up for February 16. Go here to read or listen.


02m10s — Lunatic shoots up school, commentators flap arms. (Bring out the hobby horses.)

15m15s — It’s who we are. (The mysteries of national character.)

25m33s — Blackety-black history month. (We had a dream.)

34m04s — Westminster dog show goes gay. (Ooo, you bichon!)

35m45s — Happy birthday, Chuck! (Darwin of course.)

38m37s — Gen Z scandalizes the schoolmarms. (Signs from Sacramento.)

42m06s — Here comes Africa. (Europe’s problem yesterday, our problem today.)

45m16s — The withering of social democracy. (Europe’s center-left melts away.)

47m12s — Sports report. (Beauty on the ice.)

49m29s — Signoff. (With a Darwin song.)