Radio Derb Transcript For November 24 Up: At The Hour Of Our Death, Etc.

The Radio Derb Transcript  is up for November 24–go here to read or listen.


01m27s — Two weeks to the Big Cuck? (Both sides dig in.)

08m21s — Peace is War, Freedom is Slavery, Temporary is Permanent. (It ain’t over until the alien gets a green card.)

20m36s — Voters ignore the Pervnado. (Democracy’s not so bad.)

26m54s — Gender pronoun positionality. (A glimpse into CultMarx hell.)

37m10s — A man of sense in a world gone mad. (Male embraces female.)

40m02s — Central American atavism. (In a suburban park near you.)

41m49s — A thing we kind of knew. (Israel-Saudi alliance now semi-official.)

43m56s — At the hour of our death. (The wages of ethnomasochism.)

46m46s — Signoff. (With special thanks.)