Whose voters are smarter?

After recent elections, Democrats have taken to consoling themselves by claiming that their voters have higher IQs than

Initial Exit Poll Analysis

The CNN website has posted preliminary national exit poll numbers for House races. They show a big victory

Actress and Mother Murdered to Hide Illegal Alien`s Status

If there is another case of someone being murdered because of possibly reporting an illegal alien to the

It`s “Illegal Immigrant Commits Murder,” Not “Construction Worker” Commits Murder!

This was the story according to United Press International (here): "A New York construction worker was charged with murder

UPDATE:Kenya Born Hindu/Muslim Sentenced For Islamic Terrorist Plot | MSM Version:”Briton Jailed”

A man named Dhiren Barot has been jailed in England for conspiring to commit Islamic terrorism, and the

CSM on 1986 Amnesty, Twenty Years Later

There`s a story in The Christian Science Monitor about the IRCA Amnesty, and it has six stories of

From the Front: Fences work.

President Bush

Satire: One Day Citizenship

This (not true, satirical) story was one of the top stories on Google News`s immigration results the other

GOP Establishment: House control not worth this price (2).

In a year when White House blunders appear to have created a formidably lethal undertow for GOP House

Naivete at CNET

Recently Declan McCullagh and Anne Broache at (a technology website) published a "Grading Congress on high-tech cred"