Mexican Machismo

In 1979, I took a tour boat around Acapulco. The guide, a local lady, pointed at a

Immigration In Thomas Woods` New Book

Judging by the rave review on for Tom Woods` most recent book 33 Questions About American History

Youtube Debate Ignores Immigration

If you missed the Democratic debates on Youtube you didn`t miss much. Read this and you will know

“Native Of” For “Immigrant”–And An Immigrant Mass Murder That Didn`t Happen

I first noticed this after the killings by Cho Seung-Hui, who was described as a "native of"

Making The San Fernando Valley More Vibrant

The eastern half of the San Fernando Valley has had a big influx in just the last few

Alienation And Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome

Brenda Walker did an article fairly recently called Diversity Is Strength! It`s Also...Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome. She

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome? Depends Which Stories You Read!

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome? Abdulaziz Ibrahim was an Ethiopian immigrant, age 52, described as "retired," who for

“Foster Program for Immigrants Criticized”–You Read It Here First

This AP story, ABC News: Foster Program for Immigrants Criticized[By LYNN BREZOSKY, July 21, 2007] is about

Mixing Languages in Advertising–An Idea Whose Time Is Over

I’m following up on Peter Brimelow’s blog on Republican Florida Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart`s speech to La Raza

Charlie Derrington Killer Sentenced

On Friday, Mexican criminal Julio Villasana was sentenced to 25 years in prison for causing the drunk-driving accident