Obama Doing the Worm on the Constitution

An NYT oped from the former R-IN Senator:

On Immigration, Law Is on Obama’s Side


THE legal controversy surrounding the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement policies will soon come to a head when the Supreme Court justices hear the case United States v. Texas on Monday. Texas claims that the president’s executive decisions lack legal sanction by Congress and have injured the state.

But whether or not you like President Obama’s actions, he has operated under longstanding provisions of law that give the executive branch discretion in enforcement.

I know I’m not a legal eagle, but there would seem to be a difference between traditional “prosecutorial discretion” and printing up 5,000,000 Get Out of Jail Free cards and handing them out to your supporters’ relatives.

“Finally, Big Immigration is above the Law!” exults Obama as he does the Worm on the Constitution.

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