Foreign Meddling in the USA: Israeli Building Bridges With “America’s Hispanic Community”

From the Jerusalem Post:


“Latino voices are carrying greater weight, leaders from their communities are rising to positions of influence at all levels at an increasing frequency.”


NEW YORK – The head of Israel’s Consulate-General in New York is determined to build bridges with America’s Hispanic community, and has a plan to get them into the Jewish state’s corner.

Consul-General Dani Dayan believes Latinos have great untapped potential in terms of support for the Jewish state, and is working hard to [get] them on Israel’s side while he keeps a sharp eye on America’s shifting demographics. …

“This in turn means we have to recognize some areas as strategically important, and in the coming years this includes the Hispanic communities. We see their rise, how they are going to be the demographic plurality in the US in the future,” he added. …

The 62-year-old Israeli envoy is also viewed by some as a controversial figure. Making his home in the West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Shomron, and eventually heading the Yesha Council – the umbrella organization representing municipal councils in Judea and Samaria – Dayan has been lightning rod for activists who view his presence in the area as illegal.

Meant to become ambassador to Brazil in 2015, his appointment was scuttled after Brasilia bulked at having to host the face of the settler movement in its capital. After months of tussling, the premier finally sent Dayan to Manhattan, where he has kept an open mind about outreach ever since.

… “I believe that in order for the Latino community to fulfill its true potential of leadership in this country, they have to be involved in every aspect of American political life including, for instance, foreign relations, and not only with Latin America, but in the world…

Meanwhile, Israel advocacy groups such as StandWithUs have paralleled the consulate’s efforts in an independent effort apart from the Israeli government with a new fellowship program aimed at Latino churches and students. …

But Dayan believes that more can be done in terms of reaching out to groups the government has traditionally ignored, breaching uncharted territory and testing the waters to see if another diplomatic front can be formed with America’s Hispanic community.

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