VDARE.com: Saturday`s Letters: A Texas Reader thinks Cheney Would Be Better Than Bush On Immigration; etc.

Saturday`s Letters: A Texas
Reader thinks Cheney Would Be Better Than Bush On
Immigration; etc.

From: An Economist [e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Blog:

Cheney Bush`s Chief Immigration Salesman

is less popular than Bush, no doubt. However,
if Bush left office tomorrow, I would bet Cheney would
be a lot saner on immigration.

Bush`s views are fundamentally
emotional, not rational. To Bush, illegals are "perfect
human beings
" because they walk across deserts to
docilely work for low wages. Bush gets all

about this kind of stuff.

The Vice President is a more
serious guy. No doubt he would favor

cheap labor
for business. However, I can`t imagine
Cheney having the romantic attachment to aliens that
Bush suffers from.

Cheney would probably favor a real
guest worker program. He might propose working in the US
for 1-3 years and then going home. Under Cheney`s plan,
we`d escrow 50 percent of all wages to make sure you go
home. If we catch “guest workers” here after 3
years, expect prison. Try to

bring your family
, expect prison.

I don`t favor any such thing but
corporate America would love it and so would many
conservatives. Cheap labor now but without the hangover

Of course, this sort of crassly
exploitive system would be intolerable to a majority of

—but not to

Teddy Kennedy

Read “An
” exit amnesty plan


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Saturday`s Letters:
A Georgia Reader Wants VDARE.COM To Create A “Most
Wanted Alien” Site

From: Michelle Ray [e-mail

Re: Juan Mann`s Column:

Reporting Illegal Aliens: 2005 Update

May I
suggest that you develop a website to accompany
VDARE.COM where everyday people like myself could check
the names and photos of illegal aliens who have been
deported or are wanted for crimes.

Those of us who work with
immigrants or live in areas with

a high population of immigrants
could go to this
site to check if someone they are suspicious of is
wanted or has already been deported. Then, we could
contact the authorities.

I know
some immigrants who were deported for criminal offense
but then snuck back into the country, made up fake
papers and moved to another state.

there were a website available along the lines of

America`s Most Wanted
, someone in the alien`s new
state might see his photo and report him.

I am
not suggesting a site to report every immigrant you
meet. I am suggesting something to

help American citizens
help the police. It is a
felony to re-enter the country after you have been

to Ray, Homeland Security will never do its job much
less create a most wanted alien website. “It will
have to be VDARE.COM
,” she says.

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Saturday`s Letters: An Oklahoma
Reader Says “Way To Go, VDARE.COM!”

From:  Izzy Lyman [e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

How VDARE.COM Helped Convert An Oklahoma State
Representative To The Right Side Of Immigration Reform

husband, Wid, saw Oklahoma State Representative Kevin
Calvey today at a luncheon.

told him that he has received a ton of positive

because of Guzzardi`s column.

Calvey (e-mail
) sends his thanks to all VDARE.COM readers.

previous VDARE.COM letters, columns and blogs are


Her recent
blog on home schooling, in which she talks about her
Costa Rican parents, is


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Saturday`s Letters: An Idaho
Reader Says He`s Not “In Good Hands” With Senator Larry

From: Pete Brittain [e-mail

Re: Steve Sailer`s Column:

It`s Alive! Bush Betrayal Tries To Climb Out Of Coffin

We all know the
slogan for Allstate Insurance. But it doesn`t apply to
the U.S. Senate.

Idaho`s illustrious

Senator Craig
made the following comment after
Bush`s speech on Monday:

any immigration reform to work, our borders must first


This comment was at
the top of his Senate website.

When it came to a
vote, however,

voted against securing the border before
taking any action to control illegal immigration.


be hitting the bars with Senator Kerry?  The
most logical thing for

to say when asked about his flip flop would

was for it before I voted against it

Our leaders are most
definitely not looking out for us.

Read Brittain`s
previous letters about the Los Angeles illegal alien
demonstrations and his fond memories of California



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Saturday`s Letters:  A Los
Angeles Reader Wants To Spit On Joe Guzzardi


Amir Ata [e-mail


Joe Guzzardi

You are a

for sure, and looks (sic) like you are so
stupid to know (sic) that your

were immigrants to U.S.

All I have for you is just (sic)
to spit on your face.

Guzzardi replies:

What ever happened to, “
we could meet for

one day so we
could better understand each other

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Saturday`s Letters: A Legal
Resident in New Mexico Wants The Same Opportunities As

[Name Witheld]

Re: Randall Burn`s Blog:

Some More Proposed Amendments for the Senate

I am writing to you out of frustration. My mother
and I, both artists, have been in the United States
legally for ten years on

E-2 visas
  which we were told was the only way we
could stay.

We were assured the E-2 was the next best thing to a
green card but found this false.

We are considered non-residents. We will never have
the right to vote or collect social security into which
we pay. Even though both my mother and I own property
and pay taxes, I have to pay out of state tuition to

We`re now starting our paperwork to get EB-1 visa,
which is the equivalent of a green card. We have to
prove that we are of "extraordinary
" and if our application is not approved,
we will have to sell our houses and leave

The legal fees ($3,500 for each visa) are a
financial burden and the outcome is not certain.

The Senate also voted 64-32 to levy a $750 fee on
illegal immigrants who apply for citizenship and $100
for each dependent.

Cornyn, who sponsored the proposal, said the
proceeds would be used to reimburse state and local

and other institutions that provide

and other services to illegal immigrants.

That`s disgusting. We have spent about $12,000 on
legal fees plus hours of lost earning time getting
paperwork together.

It is just so unfair. We do every thing

, and have to jump over various hurdles but
still have no assurance that we will get a green card
after paying large sums of money.

I would like to see an addition made to the proposed
legislation granting green cards to so-called tax

upstanding illegals
after five years: give the same
right to legal aliens.

I don`t think that the Senate or Congress realizes
how difficult it is to get a green card.  

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Saturday`s Letters: A
Texas Reader Sees New Career Opportunities For Joe

Johnson [e-mail

Re: Joe
Guzzardi`s Column

McCain, WSJ: “Amnestied Aliens Will Learn English,
Civics!” Joe Guzzardi: “When Hell Freezes Over!”

Through no fault of his own, Guzzardi`s English as a
Second Language classes are

poorly attended
. But don`t let him become depressed!

If Guzzardi can teach ESL, then he can also teach
SSL, Spanish as a Second Language.

I anticipate a huge demand for SSL after listening to

the country to Mexico and watching the

in action this week.

Guzzardi`s new Anglo students will probably attend
class for much more than forty hours required of the
aliens in the 1986 amnesty.

For fifty-four years, I had resisted learning
Spanish. My attitude was that immigrants to America
ought to either learn English or go to some country
where their language is spoken. That such countries are
Third World cesspools is not my problem.

Though long aware that immigration is out of control,
I could not be certain which immigrant group would
become our new majority or what our new official
language might be.

It is now clear that

Latin American mestizos
will be our new
majority and that

will be our new official language.

Knowing the language of our new

Hispanic government
will certainly prove useful when
haggling over the amount of mordida with a
clerk or bribing a mestizo traffic

Knowing what the members of the Hispanic majority are
saying to one another might help one avoid becoming a
victim of crime. Being able to tell them to get the hell
off my property before I feed them a face full of
buckshot might well be useful, too.

Johnson is
software engineer in Houston, Texas. Unable to find a
real job in the private sector because of H1-B
competition, he works for a NASA contractor.

He is enrolled in a
Conversational Spanish course at a local community

Guzzardi comments
In my column, I predicted that the English language
requirement this amnesty around would be even less
demanding than the 1986 level of forty meaningless
hours. And, sadly, it looks like I`m right.

According to the Senate, the English prerequisite for
amnesty is merely to “enroll.”

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