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An Illinois Reader Says
Boycott Miller Brewing Co. For Financing Illegals` March; etc.

From: [Name Withheld]

Americans must boycott

Miller Brewing Company
for sponsoring to the tune of
$30,000 the coming

Immigrant Workers Justice March
in Chicago. [Why
This Immigrant Rights March Is Brought To You By Miller

by Oscar Avila, Chicago Tribune, September 1,

This is bold action sanctioning

illegal behavior
, by a corporation operating in the
U.S. but with

foreign ownership
, proves that

selling more products to Hispanics
is the only thing
that counts to Miller.

I wrote Miller:

find it appalling that you sponsor ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION
marches. I will never purchase your product for the rest
of my life.  I am embarrassed that I have been a user of
your products, how dare you? This clearly shows that
your only concern is the bottom line that depends on
expanding your market share.

(To see similar e-mails,
read Michelle Malkin`s blog

Read the outrageous Miller reply (e- mail Miller back

) sent me when I protested:

Brewing Company does not support illegal immigration or
any other unlawful act. We do support a public policy
discussion that will lead to a clear path to legal
naturalization for people who meet the requirements for
U.S. citizenship. We also oppose any legislation that
would unfairly and unjustly seek to constrain

“A German

Frederick Miller, founded Miller
151 years ago. And
today, we are part of an international company with
employees from around the world. We support the free
movement of people, labor, goods and services in the
global economy with appropriate protections for the
rights of individuals and families, the security of
nations, and the diversity that contributes to a rich
and productive society.

“Miller is active
in helping immigrants learn how to become   legally
naturalized citizens of the U.S., through programs like
the Miller Lite Immigration Forum in Texas and our
support for a recent immigration convention in Chicago.”

“We have a long
history of proudly supporting many national and local
Latino organizations throughout the U.S.

“We appreciate
your interest.”

Miller must think Americans are idiots. Actions speak
louder than words and Miller`s actions speak

louder than their words in this reply. 

Unfortunately, this is the same party line we get from

White House

[Name Withheld] was born in Michigan and lives in Chicago where he
is a trader in the global investment markets.

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A Massachusetts Reader Urges
Readers To Tell The Church The You Support The
Minutemen… Not Illegal Immigration

Re: Today`s Letter:

A Wisconsin Reader Reports Jesuit Magazine Frank About
Church`s Dependence On Immigration

From: Neil

Mr. Clifford`s recent e-mail is excellent.

However, church attendees should not

their respective religious organizations.

Instead, they should drop nothing in the

collection plate
(except, perhaps, a tiny card
avowing their support for organizations like the

) and when leaving, tell the celebrant that
their conscience prohibits them from giving financial
support to "ecclesiastical corruption".

Neil” adds
that there have been many fewer sob stories about the
shortage of college workers on Cape Cod`s summer resorts
since VDARE.COM expose about that scam two years ago.
Read the columns about cheap labor and Cape Cod`s
tourism industry




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A Colorado African-American
Liberal Thanks “Braveheart” For Her Eloquence

Jerome Davis [e-mail

Re: Saturday`s Forum:

An African-American Patriot Demands A Fair Shake From

have just read “Braveheart`s” letter to VDARE.COM. 
I hate to be cliché, but she truly took the words right
out of my mind. 

She eloquently states what I am positive many of us

are feeling and thinking. 

Like “Braveheart“, I too am a product of

; born on the South Side 51 years ago and a
graduate of Chicago Public Schools. 

Again, I thank her so much for writing.

Formerly a Chicago firefighter and once a columnist for
two Colorado Springs newspapers, Davis` recently
published collection of poems, “Waiting to Expire:
the Incoherent Ramblings of an Inebriated Soul
,” is


Davis describes himself as “an unabashed liberal.”

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A New York Reader Urges
“Braveheart” To Never Give Up


David Brown [e-mail him

am a VDARE.COM fan but I agree with “Braveheart.”

Blacks are too often lumped together. Before using the
word “black” we should precede it with “some.”

We`re all in the same boat in the fight for immigration

Almost all America`s

and whites are legal residents.

We`ve all had enough division.

illegal immigration debate is about those who do not
belong, not those who do. As a

I believe aid should go only to
deserving citizens.

Black Americans
have certainly not benefited from
the selective aid that could and should raise their
educational and

living standards
. Welfare as constituted only served
to further degrade those already on the bottom of the

Good luck to “Braveheart”
and tell her to keep

. I`m with you. A serious debate needs
serious people like her.

“Braveheart” should never give up. Never.

Brown, who holds a Master`s Degree, has produced a
CD-ROM illustrated series on Venice, Italy. Visit his


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A Reader Thinks “Braveheart” Is Full of Baloney



Braveheart” wrote:

black people are quiet that means they don`t support the
person or the issue. You don`t see black people
supporting those who are demanding amnesty.”


all black members of Congress, and the

Black Caucus
voted against the great, hard-line
House bill

H.R. 4437
clamping down on illegals.

Blacks are the ones selling their people down the
river.  Witness race hustlers

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
who also support
amnesty for illegal aliens.

you can remind “Braveheart” that millions of
white men


gave their lives to
end slavery and keep the nation together. 

their reward is the selling out of their country by

leftist Democrats

Rockefeller Republicans, religious scofflaws,

Hispanic race hustlers
.  And of course those
political hacks,

Rove-Bush-Kennedy-McCain-Frist-Specter-Pence etc.

Teddy Roosevelt
likes to say this about federal immigration policy: “Bush
lied (in his 2004 re-election campaign about amnesty)
and the nation died.”

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A Texas Reader Tells
“Braveheart” To Stop Whining

From: Vernon Murray: [e-mail

It must be a terrible

to bear the cross of long deceased

content myself

righting wrongs
in my time. Perhaps you should
consider it.

Welcome to humanity— with our common failures,
humiliations and "pick yourself up and get on with it"
rationality that are universal traits.

Please remit your atonement for your forbearer`s wicked
sins to my e-mail address.

Do it now, please. Get it?

Murray describes
himself as “an average guy employed at a major
supermarket chain.
” On Friday night, Murray says, “
is a non-stop parade of Mexicans, Guatemalans and God
knows what else lined up to send their money out of the
country. Or put their

Lone Star Card

purchased goodies into new $20,000 plus pickups decked
out with the latest $300 rims. And

Oh my God, don`t get me started…”

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A White Wisconsin Reader
Plans To Join The Anti-Immigration Group “Choose Black


 Patrick Clifford [e-mail

Thanks to VDARE.COM for posting “Braveheart`s
important letter.

I`m a white non-union janitor. I`m against immigration
for the same reason that

Frederick Douglass

Booker T. Washington
were against immigration.

I called in to the politically correct

Wisconsin Public Radio
last April to ask if

Martin Luther King
ever had

any thoughts against immigration.
The host assumed I
was a


My family and I support the black anti-immigration group
Black America

My nephew`s wife and children are black, and I hope they
become aware of the threat immigration poses to all

I read

Vanderbilt University
Law Professor

Carol Swain`s

The New White Nationalism in America
.  What
struck closest to home was the brief mention that her
niece had to buy a car to get to her crappy job

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Clifford`s previous
letter to VDARE.COM is


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