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A Florida Roman
Catholic Wants To Form A Resistance Movement To The
Hispanic Invasion Of His Church; etc.


 [Name Withheld]

Do you know of any

Roman Catholic
groups in the United States that
don`t want their parishes to become bilingual?  


Church`s support
of illegal immigration because
Mexicans are majority-Catholic saddens and angers me,
but there must be a Catholic organization

its indefensible position.

My parish is 80 percent white but during Sunday Mass, we
are forced to sing a bilingual hymnal published by

Oregon Catholic Press
that has about 30 Spanish hymns in it.  I was baptized
and confirmed at my church, and I was born in the city
where it`s located.  Now I`m a


The Church quotes

various Biblical passages
that trying to make me
feel that I`m not a true Christian if oppose illegal
immigration. I`m more offended by the

Spanish language
than I am the people who speak it.
 I don`t want a Mass or hymns in any language other than

Any suggestions?  I`ve composed so many e-mails in my
head to the organist, pastor, and cantor, but I know
that I`ll get nowhere without other people behind me.
 I`ll ask some of the congregants, but it would be nice
if I knew that I had an organization on my side.

Roman Catholic VDARE.COM contributor

John Zmirak


Interesting! The answer, of course, is to return to


(rather than Latino).

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A California Reader Has A Nasty
Run In With The National Immigration Law Center

From:  Matthew
Kincaide: [e-mail

few years ago I had a temporary job at the

National Senior Citizens Law Center
, which shares a
suite of offices with the

National Immigration Law Center
in Los Angeles.

One morning a reporter and cameraman from a

Spanish language TV station
were interviewing a
woman lawyer at the

National Immigration Law Center
.  That afternoon I
heard a knock at the door.  It was the

from the Spanish language TV station who
wanted back into the office. 

let the reporter and the cameraman in and thought
nothing of it.  The next thing I knew, the female lawyer
who had been interviewed, screamed at me:  "Did you
let those people with cameras in?  We don`t just let
people with cameras in!  Who do you work for?

few hours later the director of the National Senior
Citizens Law Center informed me that my assignment was
over.  For letting "people with cameras in", I
was fired. 

thought it was pretty flimsy. If I had been an illegal
immigrant my assignment would not have been terminated,
and the

would have acted with tact and fairness. 

thought the purpose of the National Immigration Law
Center was to encourage

for all.  It might be interested in justice
for illegal aliens but

not for U.S. citizens

Interestingly, I had had several temp assignments for
the National Immigration Law Center before. In fact,
after one long-term assignment, the office manager told
me that the NILC would have offered me a job as a legal
secretary—if I had

spoken Spanish.

When, may I ask, will the

immigrants learn English

Kincaide, who
describes himself as an “avid” VDARE.COM reader,
notes the irony of the NILC receiving federal funds and
then using those funds to turn around and sue the
federal government.

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A New Jersey Reader Thinks
Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman`s Immigration
Stance Will Hurt Him In The Primary

[Name Withheld]

Re: Joe
Guzzardi`s Column

On August 8th, All Eyes On Connecticut

If Democrat
Lieberman`s immigration views were as well known as his
views on

the war
, his third party Independent candidacy, if
he loses the August 8th primary, would be

And if Lieberman were
to win the primary against challenger Ned Lamont, a
Republican opponent supporting the

House`s immigration position
on have a chance at
unseating him. Lamont is missing the boat on

If Lamont supported
enforcement instead of amnesty, it would probably clinch
his upset over Lieberman in the primary.

But I guess open
borders are like a religious principle: some politicians
would rather

lose elections
than violate it.


describes himself as “old enough to remember when

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

cared about America`s law and served all the people and
when a man with an ordinary job could provide a decent
life for his family without his wife having to work
outside the home.”

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A California Reader Is
Watching Lieberman Too…And Senator Barbara Boxer



I don`t know if you
noticed U.S.

Senator Barbara Boxer

for fellow Democrat and Connecticut
Senator Joseph Lieberman. But knowing that Boxer is and
always has been against Iraq since the war`s start, I
called up both her

Los Angeles
and District of Columbia offices to ask
why she supports Lieberman against primary challenger
Ned Lamont, an anti-war candidate who should be more to
Boxer`s liking. 

The staffers, of
course, had no response.

Joe Guzzardi notes:

Boxer and Lieberman are certainly in lock step on
immigration, however, as the two have compiled miserable
voting records on the national question.

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