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A New Jersey Reader Tries To Tip Off The Nantucket Police Chief About Illegal Aliens; He Ignores Her; etc.


Name Withheld

I am a federal employee who works in law enforcement.

In 2006,


my letter
wherein I wrote of advising the Nantucket
town clerk that illegal aliens were throughout the
island working on home

construction crews

By way of follow up during the two intervening years, I
reached Nantucket Chief of Police William Pittman
(contact information

) to pass along the same message.

Pittman`s replies to my expressions of concern in phone
calls and subsequent e-mails were haughty and
dismissive. According to him, Nantucket has enough work
for everyone.

But it looks like I am right (and have been for two
years) and Pittman is wrong.

With the economic downturn, the island is undergoing a
quick, vast and devastating transformation.

Some homes,

vacant in the off-season
, have dropped in value
precipitously. With little new construction, the 15
percent (and rising) minority population is mostly
unemployed. Many of the disaffected youths have formed


[“Nantucket`s Cultural Clash
,” David Abel, Boston
, July 28, 2008]

And now the Nantucket police force may be subjected to

diversity training
since, of course, they are
perceived to be at fault in any incidents that may
involve illegal aliens.

[“Police Say Mea Culpa,”
Peter A. Sutters Jr.,
Nantucket Independent
, July 23, 2008]

At various times during the thirty years I have been
vacationing on Nantucket, I have considering buying an
island home.

I`m glad that I did not.

A 2007
letter from Boston native Aldo Amatucci commenting on
gangs on Nantucket Island is


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A Reader Says That Muslims Immigrants Should Not Be Excluded From America Because Of Their Gender Bias


Arch Foster (e-mail

Re: Brenda Walker`s Blog:

Fox News Investigates Honor Killings in the USA

Muslims immigrants
may well be a dangerous addition

our polity
, lacking in appreciation for the
give-and-take required in a modern democracy and, in
some individual cases, given to religious violence to
carry out their fundamentalist leanings.

But their view of proper relationships between the
sexes (excluding of course barbaric acts like honor
killings) is not the disqualifier Brenda Walker would
have us believe.

In the West, the rate of cuckoldry is about

50 percent
for men and women and the

illegitimacy rate
is a dismal 1 in three.

I would wager these statistics are far lower among

, and the idea of a "no-fault" divorce
wherein the admittedly

non-aggrieved wife
can expect a handsome profit at
her ex`s expense is, without doubt, entirely foreign to

These are healthy qualities that we should strive to
emulate and not shun.

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A Washington State Reader (Female) Says American Men Have Personality Traits Equally Unpleasant As The Women They Disparage

From: Anne (e-mail her)

Re: Today`s Letter:

A California Reader Says American Women Are “Out Of

In regards to this letter, the writer Walter William
Pierce makes many valid points such as

American women
are selfish,


, etc

The thing is that those traits are all applicable to
American males as well.

Pierce has never sat through a date where a man is
still bitterly trying to figure out why his wife left
him. And to hear a promiscuous male with a gaggle of
children by multiple women (and the accompanying child
support payments) drone on about his money problems is
no treat either.

Yet I understand his disillusionment with American

I could be the poster child for

foreign relationships
. The men I dated did not need

green cards
, but what they all had in common was an
extreme dislike for women from their native country and
a fascination with American ladies.

Based on my life`s invaluable experiences, I would
advise Pierce to be careful what he wishes for.

At the end of the day, there is a lot to be said for
the American next door.

Anne lives in a Seattle
suburb and is a housewife married to a legal immigrant
from Korea.

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A Hispanic Reader Wants Guzzardi And Brimelow Dead—Or At Least Back In Italy And England

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

Leaving Lodi and Saying Adiós To California

From: Kukulcan (e-mail

I`m glad Guzzardi has left my home state of
California…a "Hispanic" word, btw!

Better yet, why doesn`t he go back to

where his mama was born? Guido banditos
like him

will not survive
the 21st century! Italy



There were no

in America in any significant numbers before
the Civil War.

I hope to read his obituary soon, and that of

Peter Brimelow
as well! We can send his stupid ass
back to England.

By the middle of the 2020s, the student leaders of
the 2006

protest marches
calling for amnesty will be the most
powerful California politicos!

By the middle of the 21st century, Guzzardi, Brimelow
and their ilk will be long gone—not even a memory of
their existence will remain.


La Raza
will just be beginning to

exert its influence
in our historic homeland, the

southwestern United States.

Viva La Raza!

Joe Guzzardi

In an
e-mail response to Kukulcan, I wrote:

“California is my
home state too. I was born and raised there…but were

Life is funny. It
may be that Peter and I will outlive you and be reading
your obituary much sooner than you would like. Something
terrible may happen to you as soon as —today?

But how will we
know if you meet an untimely end? You`re too much of a
girl to use your real name. How can you expect us to
take you seriously if you are too sissy to reveal

You might be right
about California`s demographic future. But what if
you`re wrong?

Don`t take any
chances—return to Mexico immediately!”

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