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A California Immigration Lawyer Agrees With VDARE.COM On “Diversity Training”—But Not On Immigration; etc.


Alberto Marrero Salas (e-mail


Joe Guzzardi
`s Column:

Diversity Is Strength…It Is Also Painful PC

As a Los Angeles-based

immigration lawyer
, I am worlds apart from Guzzardi
on immigration. But as far as


affirmative action
, we are on the same side.

Here`s why: I joined

Merrill Lynch
in 1978 as a stock and commodity
trainee working out of its

Los Angeles
branch. Soon after I joined the
firm, I was sent to New York
to study for and take the Series 7 test.

My manager approached me
and told me that Merrill had a "special program"
for minorities. Being

Cuban American
, I qualified. Merrill was under
pressure to hire minority brokers as the firm was
underwriting bonds for the state of

and the city of Los Angeles.

At that time there were
over 100 brokers, but not one Latino or Black among

The "special program"
allowed minority trainees to take the test as many times
as needed until we passed. The regular policy was you
failed the test once and you were gone.

I was insulted by the
offer. I did not want an asterisk on my license. I asked
myself: why did my manager offered me this watered-down

As it turned out, I didn`t
need multiple chances. I passed the series 7, 5 and 3
(futures) with flying colors.

I have never claimed

Anyone stupid enough to
discriminate against me suffers the consequence of not
making my acquaintance. I am a human being worthy of
knowing…not for my benefit but for yours.

Salas describes himself as "Cuban
by birth, American by choice
." He has written two
important articles about the real estate crash

Real Estate Armageddon


Real Estate Armageddon, the Sequel
In the former, Salas recounts the story of his client
who, on a reported income of $12,000 from selling
vegetables off a truck, purchased a $300,000 home.

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A Maryland Reader Cautions Us To Beware—More Diversity Is On The Way


R. Ellis

had to sit through my share of

diversity training
at my former place of business.

All it did was make matters worse. It created

where no victims existed. I fail to
understand why more people aren`t speaking out.

The quieter we remain, the more certain we are to be
overwhelmed by diversity.

For example, a little-publicized fact (except in Indian
newspapers) is that over the next five years, 60,000
Bhutanese unemployable but eligible for welfare refugees
will be coming to the U.S. Read the details in the
Nepal Monitor


Don`t forget—chain
will allow the Bhutanese to bring all
their relatives.

I`m 67 years old and I hate to think what the future
will be like for my four grandchildren!

is a retired secretary who lives in the

area. Send her mail c/o

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A Michigan Reader, Former School Teacher, Feels Guzzardi`s Pain

From: Warren O`Leary (e-mail

I too have felt Guzzardi`s
"diversity- pain-stress” My sympathies go out to

When ever and where ever diversity training is
imposed, there should be equal time for “democracy
training”, which must include knowledge of the

U.S. Constitution

The day this happens is the day that

diversity training ends.

Leary taught public school for 27 years for the Bayonne
School District in New Jersey, the last ten as an
instructor of college prep biology.

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A New York Reader Says Immigrants Have Replaced Americans As Polling Place Employees


Maria Vecchi

Re: Today`s Letter:

A New York Reader Says His Polling Place Is A Chop Suey
Of Languages

usually work at the polling place on

Election Day
, but was told that there weren`t enough
spots this year. When I went to vote, I found an
immigrant employee sleeping when he should have been
directing people to the booth.

As I
was leaving, I woke him up to say I wish I had a job
like that. He thought it was funny. I don`t. Immigrants
made money on Election Day; I did not.

of nine election workers, eight were either


, or

immigrants. Only one woman was an

now a case of "No Americans need apply!" at the
Board of Elections.

Send Vecchi mail c/o

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A Florida Reader Says His Next Step Is To Leave The Planet



I grew up in Long Island City,

but left 30 odd years ago because of the
influx of

and the incessant pandering to them.

I moved to

Hialeah, Florida
, only to find myself in


I packed up and headed to

. That turned out to be Latin America and the

After being trapped for many years in southern
Florida, finances forced me to move again, this time to
north central Florida which is, thankfully, still
recognizable as America. 

But the demographics are shifting here, too.

I`m now looking to relocate to another country. If
that doesn`t work out, I`ll have to consider

leaving the planet

Send "Awakened" mail

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A Texas Reader Encourages A Closer Look Into Democracy


Randy Smith (e-mail

Re: Randall Burns` Blog:

Swiss Democracy and Immigration

I totally agree with Burns that democracy only works
at the local level. That`s why all the

wealthy folks
like to make countries as big as

American style "democracy" is a rich man`s
dream come true.

Here is some interesting research that shows the
truth of that theory:

Toward An American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution
and Other Illusions

An Excess of Democracy—Or A Shortage? The Crisis That
Led To The Constitution


this quote
from John Quincy Adams: "The
Constitution was designed to increase the power and
wealth of those who have any already."

And, of course, there is VDARE.COM`s

considerable work

Bowling Alone.

Smith is a computer
scientist who works in the Houston area.

Randall Burns


US political institutions are at a certain level
vulnerable. Just the fact that someone as radical in his
own way as

Ron Paul

has an 8 percent chance of the Republican nomination
suggests that some significant change is underway. I
expect America`s uber-rich will sooner or later be
forced to face this reality more directly than they have
in recent years.

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A Texas Reader Reminds Us That During Vietnam Rock and Rollers Weren`t Drafted


G. Romero
Wendorf (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

Why So Few Iraq War Protest Songs?

The reason more anti-Iraq
War protests or more songs written about the war is
because there`s no draft, and we`ve spiraled down into a
society that says: "Hey, if it doesn`t affect me, it
ain`t worth thinking about."
That`s why

Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan
are such newsmakers.

Here`s an interesting
tidbit though. Not one rock `n roller from the 1960s
was ever drafted
—at least as far as I can tell.

Muhammad Ali
got drafted,
of course, but he was the heavyweight champion.

And In the 1950s,

was drafted and so were some lesser
personalities. But during the

Vietnam era
, the government intentionally exempted
rock and rollers quietly and discreetly because they
knew to draft any would simply stir up the anti-war
movement to an even higher pitch.

So, funny as it is to say,
rock and roll was the safest place to be to stay out of
Vietnam…unless you were
politically connected.

With his wife, Wendorf
manages a website in south Texas that publishes hard
copy weekly. Read it


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A New York Reader Says “MM” Isn`t Marilyn Monroe or Michelle Malkin!

From: Stan Thomas

Re: Today`s Letter:

An Illinois Reader Reminds Us There Is More Than One MM

"MM" best stands for the incomparable

Mickey Mantle

Joe Guzzardi

Readers also
suggested as possibilities "

M&M candies

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