Paul Mendez Reports Progress Against Maryland`s Dream Act

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– A Dallas Reader Points Out That The Last Person Who Said “It`s Basically Over For Anglos In Texas” Was Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna In 1836


A Reader Reflects On
The Struggle Against Maryland`s DREAM Act

Paul Mendez [
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June 22nd, the Maryland State Board of Elections
announced it had validated 47,288 of the 55,376
signatures needed to put the
"Maryland DREAM
 (SB-167) on the 2012 ballot as a state-wide
referendum.  [
is far in excess of the minimum 18,579 that needed to be
submitted to keep the petition alive. 

Opponents of the bill, which would give illegal aliens
residing in Maryland access to in-state tuition at state
colleges and universities, now have until June 30 to
submit 8,448 more valid signatures.  Given their
initial success, it is highly likely that the petition
organizers will far exceed this number by the deadline.

course, things are never this easy in a state where the
Governor refers to illegal immigrants

as "New Americans"
and ethnocentric groups like

de Maryland

collect millions of dollars in state and local funds to
teach illegal aliens how to

hinder immigration enforcement. 


De Maryland KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Pamphlet
, about
resisting immigration raids.)

de Maryland`s lawyers have already declared their
intention to challenge the validity of every signature
submitted.  And the ACLU of Maryland

asked the Board of Elections to

the legality of the online process by which voters could
print a pre-filled petition form for manual signing as
being susceptible to fraud. 

(Interestingly, the ACLU of Utah took the exact opposite
position just 3 months ago!  In that case, the ACLU

the state for not accepting ELECTRONIC signatures

they say, it ain`t over until the fat lady sings. 
We won`t know the final outcome until July 22, when the
final batch of petitions are validated.  And then
we`ll have to see what legal challenges must be
overcome.  Given Maryland`s notoriously liberal
judges, anything is possible. 

Maryland is one of the bluest of the blue states, and
the referendum process is not easy.  No statewide
referendum has been successfully put on the ballot since
1991, and no statewide referendum has successfully
overturned a law passed by the General Assembly since

this petition appears on its way to victory.  It
has been


that 27% of the signers are Democrats, and 12% are

can`t see how anyone could ask for better proof that
vigorous enforcement of immigration laws is a winning
issue for any candidate of any party in any race. 

interested in following the signature validation process
on a day-by-day basis can go to the Maryland

Board of Elections website:

Mendez is active in

Help Save Maryland
, an organization dedicating to exposing illegal alien corruption
in his state. His previous letters are