Free? Republic and ProjectUSA

February 16, 2005

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Reader Is Not Ahmused By Hmong Hmeadlines; Peter
Brimelow Hreplies

Craig Nelsen
, of

Project USA,

Not sure why, since we never
received the courtesy of an explanation, but ProjectUSA,
too, was banned from the Free?Republic website after an
issue of our

was posted in which we went so far as to refer
to the

George W. Bush amnesty
for illegal aliens as an
amnesty for illegal aliens.

Someone forwarded a copy to me of
Jim Robinson`s defense of all the

recent censorship,
and I had to laugh when I read
his argument that allowing posts from immigration
critics is rubbing shoulders with racists and Nazis.

If he really believes that, and
hasn`t been paid by the White House to yank immigration
realists, then it`s arguable Mr. Robinson himself likely
harbors secret Nazi sympathies: A real non-racist,
secure in the superiority of his views, would not feel
threatened by posts from real racists, or worry about
being associated with racists. Rather he`d relish the
chance to flay the racist`s arguments. At the very least
he`d not react by banning an entire class of completely
unassociated persons.

You have to wonder about people who
take such pains to demonstrate their non-racism. Why are
they so worked up about it? If you knew someone who
frequently announced to everyone within earshot that he
was not a cannibal, pretty soon you`d start to think:
"Gee, maybe that guy is a cannibal."

A couple of weeks ago, at a private
gathering, Karl Rove walked up to a Republican member of
Congress who has publicly criticized the Bush amnesty
plan, and said, "You know what your problem is? You
just don`t like all those little brown people coming
into the country."

That bit of ugliness tells me:
Karl Rove, somewhere down deep (if it`s permitted to
speak of depth in a person so loathsome), is himself the
more probable racist.