AZ Reader Proposes Immigration Reform-Gun Rights Coalition

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From: Bob Park

Re: Juan Mann`s Column

Elites Want U.S.-Mexico Merger—Hence The Flaw In H.R.

Following up on Mann`s
column, I submit that the focus on the immigration
aspect of the

North American Union
has blurred our vision to the
other components of the issue.

Mann asks: ” . . .
What can freedom-loving Americans do . . .?”

As I see it, while
immigration is certainly in the spotlight, valuable
resources to fight this proposed merger are being

If the U.S. were to
become part of the North American Union, we would become
a new economic and political entity and our

would be meaningless.

Dr. Jerome R. Corsi
noted in his June 19, 2006

Human Events Online

Once a North
American Union court structure is in place, one can
almost certainly predict that a

2nd Amendment
challenge to the right to bear arms is
as inevitable as is a challenge to our 1st Amendment
free speech laws. Citizens of both Canada and Mexico
cannot freely own firearms. Nor can Canadians or
Mexicans speak out freely without worrying about `hate
crimes` legislation or other political restrictions on
what they may choose to say.”

If you want to fill a
room, a hall, a stadium, or even the streets, threaten

Second Amendment

About 25.5 million
living American veterans from every walk of life have
one thing in common: they took an oath to defend the


The call to them must
go out again to fight the North American Union.

I propose we set a
date, agree upon a location and start coalition building
before it is too late.

who served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1946-49, is the
founder of

Veterans for Secure Borders
The group`s maxim is “

they didn`t die for Open Borders