A Texas Reader Says Dallas Real Estate Booming—Thanks To George Bush And Cronies

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02/09/08 –
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From: Roger Chaillet (e-mail

President Bush will be moving to Dallas once he
leaves the White House. But despite Bush`s well-known
affinity for Mexicans, he won`t be moving to the brown
side of town, West Dallas.

The Bushes have lived in Dallas before in what the
Morning News
described as “…a
modest 3,400-square-foot, single-story structure with a
swimming pool and a small guesthouse.”
an interesting definition of “modest“! [Bush
May Move to Dallas After Leaving White House

Dallas Morning News
, January 26, 2008]

Take a look at Bush`s

. They include

Juan Hernandez
, John McCain`s Hispanic
Outreach Director
” and

Rob Allyn
, public relations

consultant to Mexico
and Bush crony. Allyn sits on

Board of Directors

Ace Cash Express
that makes millions off

sent back to Mexico by illegal aliens.
Drug dealing, human smuggling, extortion and slave labor
generate much of this money.

Bush keeps getting more deeply involved with the
Mexican elites. I see Bush campaigning hard for McCain
and eventually getting behind his

Hispanic nephew
George P. Bush`s political career.

George P.
—a lawyer— also

lives and works
in Dallas.

We`re in for a world of hurt.

Chaillet is the

of the 2003
VDARE.COM War Against Christmas competition. His
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