A Supporter Reports The Sierra Staff-NPR-SPLC Axis Is Attacking VDARE.COM Again; Peter Brimelow Comments

March 29, 2004

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Angry Readers Want Peter Brimelow To Go Home. He Shrugs



NPR vs. VDARE.COM; etc
by James Fulford

You are probably well aware that

evening program "On Point"
“On Point”
] featured a debate between Sierra Club board
member and former president

Robert Cox
and Richard Lamm on the Sierra Club
election [Sierra
Club Slingfest

March 23, 2004]

A few observations:

  • Richard Lamm was good at times
    but so-so overall. He was mainly on the defensive, and
    too quick to cede ground to his opponents. Overall, he
    did much to defuse enthusiasm that immigration
    reformers might have had for him, e.g. he suggested
    that the

    1924 restriction legislation
    was advanced by

    Also he seemed to distance
    himself from

    Brenda Walker
    and VDARE.COM by drawing the analogy
    that while

    Hitler was a vegetarian
    , not all vegetarians are
    Nazis. (Therefore: while VDARE supporters are
    immigration reformers and extremists, not all
    immigration reformers are extremists, bigots, etc.)

  • Robert Cox read a statement from

    Dr. Paul Ehrlich
    that encouraged members to block
    the slate advocating population stabilization.
    (Ehrlich is now a quivering stooge of the Marxist
    left. How he can reconcile his books on the population
    explosion with his

    current position
    is beyond the imagination.)

  • Robert Cox indicated that the
    Sierra Club received 7,000 more membership
    applications than usual after the Brenda Walker

    . He sounded concerned that many of these
    would be from

    of the VDARE.COM variety.
    the Sierra Club has three-quarters of a million
    members, making this influx of immigration-reformers a
    very small number compared to, say, the

    foreign-born population
    of the US

  • Robert Cox suggested that
    VDARE.COM denigrates Blacks. The only thing I could
    think of that might loosely support this argument was
    the VDARE.COM

    that WSJ editorial writer Riley
    might be opposed to the traditional idea of the
    American nation state because of his
    appearance/ethnicity. However, this observation is
    distinct from denigrating him as a Black person.

It will be interesting to see how
the vote goes. My sense is that if the pro-population
stabilization slate wins, this will go a long way
towards neutering leftist mouthpieces like the SPLC.
What would help even more is another Prop 187 type

Anyway, keep up the great work.
VDARE.COM continues to get better and better.

Brimelow comments:
In his incestuous

with the
Southern Poverty Law Center, whose director Morris Dees
is running for the Sierra Club board as the Sierra
establishment`s favored White Knight (so to speak),
Sierra Old Guard board member Robert Cox [
him] denounced Brenda Walker for posting “on what
I consider to be a racist Web site, vdare.com,”
went on to say “I noticed the other articles posted
on the site, too. One, called `
the Race Deniers
,` talked
about the differences in racial groups based on skull
measurements and compared the skulls of Northern
European whites and Africans — just disgusting stuff.”

Cox did not of course add that this Steve Sailer article
was in fact a review of a

co-authored by
Vincent Sarich, Professor Emeritus, University of
California at Berkeley, i.e. an impeccably respectable
source. Cox reveals an anti-scientific politically
correct hysteria amounting to medieval superstition. He
deserves complete contempt.

VDARE.COM was founded to challenge the political
correctness of Left and Right. There is no doubt that
this is hard on the Sierra Club insurgents, who seem
generally to be herbivorous liberals and agree with us
only on the issue of mass immigration. They would
certainly prefer to have the Sierra staff`s access to
the Establishment media—but the Sierra staff isn`t
sharing. So the insurgents have to put up with us. We
say to both sides: the truth shall set you free.