A South Carolina Reader, Marine and Korean War Veteran Says He “Would Never” Vote For McCain

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That Martin Luther King Day Means Open Borders To
Primary School Hispanic Students


James Aldridge (e-mail

Re: Mike Scruggs` Column:

A Southerner, Decorated War Veteran Looks At John McCain

Like Scruggs, I too was a Republican for nearly 40


John McCain
and George W. Bush have turned me into
an Independent.  Scruggs` column expresses my feelings


I am also a veteran of the

Korean War
who served as a Buck Sergeant in S-2 with
the First Marine Air Wing at K-3 near Po-Hang-Dong,
Korea, in late 1952 and 1953. I was in Korea when the
war ended in August of 1953.

I would never support or vote for


Aldridge, who earned a BS in Art History and a Master`s
degree in guidance and counseling from Southern Illinois
University, is a retired educator.  He moved to South
Carolina 22 years ago because Illinois was becoming “too
much like Mexico