A Reader Wonders If Hillary Was Right To Compare Mexico To Colombia

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From: Kathlene M

I am a regular
reader, and would like to hear what Allan Wall`s opinion

Hillary Clinton`s
recent comments comparing Mexico`s

to 1990s

. Obama has "rejected"
her comments and Mexican politicians are up in arms
about what she has said:

“Seeking to calm a diplomatic furor, he disputes the secretary of
State`s assertion that Mexico`s drug war has begun to
look like the Colombian insurgency.

“President Obama sought to calm a diplomatic furor, disputing Secretary
of State Hillary Rodham Clinton`s assertion that Mexico
has begun to look like Colombia at the height of its
struggle against a drug-financed insurgency.

“Obama`s comments, in an interview published Thursday by the Los
Angeles-based Spanish-language newspaper La Opinion,
followed an outcry that began in Mexico after Clinton
told a foreign policy group Wednesday that Mexico `is
looking more and more like Colombia looked 20 years ago,
where the narco-traffickers controlled certain parts of
the country.`

“Clinton`s comments were quickly challenged by aides to Mexican
President Felipe Calderon.

“`Mexico is a great democracy, vibrant, with a growing economy,` Obama
told the newspaper. `And as a result, what is happening
there can`t be compared with what happened in Colombia
20 years ago.`” [

Obama rejects
Clinton comment on Mexico
, By Paul Richter,
Los Angeles Times,
September 10, 2010

Allan Wall
writes: Of course the Mexico 2010 /Colombia 1990s
situations aren`t identical, but it`s undeniable that
there a lot of similarities, such as the violence level.
If you go to the original Hillary talk [
] those statements were actually made in
response to a question, and they included positive
remarks about President Calderon. But the Mexican
government is

incredibly prickly

about any sort of criticism or apparent criticism.

It doesn`t work the other way
though. Calderon and other Mexican politicians

lambaste our immigration laws
right and left and meddle—and our government
actually cooperates with them!