A Reader Suggests Spreading The Word Of Guzzardi On Baseball; We Say How

June 20, 2005

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Jackson Jury Speaking Mexican!

James Cantrell

Joe Guzzardi`s column

"Playing Baseball: A Job Americans Won`t Do?"

is one of the most important articles ever written
on the unintended negative consequences of mass
immigration from the Third World.

The article needs to be presented to all college
baseball teams, many of whose better players will have
no shot to play

minor league baseball
because owners prefer to use
and then toss away a host of Third Worlders.

Not only do we get stiffed by having to pay the bills


public schools

free medical care

police protection
, but we also pay because many of
us are denied opportunities.

This, of course, is true of the problems immigration
poses in all areas of work. But the reason I think this
article is so important is that the specific subject,
sports (America`s National Pastime: baseball), will
cause many who have never before paid any attention to
articles opposing mass immigration to take some notice.

If people begin to see the problems caused by
rounding up Third Worlders to play baseball, and also
see who pays the increasingly large bills run up in
society, then they might also begin to see how bringing
in immigrants to be

college professors
or to

attend medical school
or to take

computer programming
jobs or to be nurses is costly
and does great harm to the future of the American middle
class—at least to that part of it that does not have the
safety net of racial preference that is Affirmative

VDARE.COM responds:
This was indeed one of
Joe`s finest columns, and has drawn a gratifyingly large

James Cantrell is
right: the thesis deserves publicity. We are not holding
our breath on the

Wall Street Journal

New York Times
however. (Although, on recent form, unacknowledged
appearances of the topic on

Lou Dobbs

WorldNet Daily
are now
quite likely.)

But we know from our
traffic data that many sports teams and colleges
maintain web sites with bulletin boards allowing
far-ranging discussions. We urge our readers to post
this item on any to which they have access. Please try
to use the article`s URL


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