A Reader In Raul Grijalva`s District Says GOP Sold Out Voters Long Ago

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Mike T. in Tucson, AZ [

Re: Patrick
Cleburne`s blog item

Democrat Professionals think Reconquista Rep.
Grijalva in trouble!

As a resident of Arizona`s

Arizona`s 7th Congressional District
, and a former
Republican, I appreciate your article on the possibility
of Ruth McClung`s

victory over Raul Grijalva,
but I wouldn`t hold your

It is true that we`ve seen the
first TV for Raul that we have ever seen during an
election year, which does seem to indicate the Democrats
are somewhat concerned. [See

Vote por Raúl
Grijalva para Congreso
]. But, truthfully the
odds are stacked against Ruth. First of all, the
district was

specifically drawn
for a
—demographically 55 percent Hispanic and
more than 60 percent Democratic. On top of that Mr.
Grijalva has a 30 year track record moving up the ranks
in Pima county politics, through the school board and
county board of supervisors; a lot of people owe their
past and future political careers to him.

The Republican Party sold the
voters of this district

down the river
a long time ago. I actively supported
the first candidate against Raul in 2002 and in those
days we couldn`t even get

President Bush
to say our candidate`s name on a
swing through the state! Since then they have fielded
one lackluster candidate after another.

In one election year, I supplied a
question to a debate between the candidates sponsored by
a Tucson paper. My question was:
"Why does

Tucson have a

Pancho Villa
pride of place
in its downtown?"

The Republican candidate that year,

Ron Drake,
first looked confused, then suddenly he
blurted out "Diversity! That`s why it`s there—diversity!" Raul`s response was,
"I don`t have a
problem with it"
. Naturally Mr. Grijalva won in a

landslide that year, too.

I hope I am wrong and Ruth pulls
out a victory—but from where I sit in the
, it seems like business as usual.