A Midwest Reader Notes No Riots After Iowa Floods

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Clem Lee


Look at the

of Waverly, Iowa after its recent floods
and tell me if you don`t see something strange.


New Orleans
, no looting, no shooting at helicopters,
no rapes, and no blame thrown around.

Where are the buses lined up to evacuate people, the
relief checks, the

emergency, the around the clock news coverage
and the national outcry?

For all I know,

George W. Bush
may never have heard of Waverly.

This represents a grim example of how the government
sees fit to treat white people in need—ignore them!

Waverly, Iowa compared to

New Orleans, Louisiana
just goes to show the stark

differences between the races
and how the myth of
equality is just that, a lie and a myth.

After living over 35 years in the smothering atmosphere

multiculturalism and diversity
, the examples played
out by the environmental disasters in Waverly and

New Orleans
tells us all we need to know.