A Massachusetts Reader Notes That Hundreds Of Americans Stood In Line At Cape Cod`s Job Fair

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From: Chris Brown: (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

Leisure Industry Considers A New Idea (For It)—Hiring

Because I live in Massachusetts, Guzzardi`s columns
about Cape Cod and the

H-2B visa scam
piqued my interest.

When I was growing up, many of my high school and

college friends
would get summer jobs on

Cape Cod
, Martha`s
, and

.  When I visited, they would be
living two or three in a room, much as they do in
college dorms.

And they were having the best summer of their lives.

So I knew that Cape Cod`s alleged concerns about not

summer help
  and therefore desperately need more
non-immigrant H-2B visas were bogus.

And now we discover that, as Guzzardi predicted in
his column, the

Cape Cod Job Fair
to American workers—was a huge success.

More than 300 people per hour attended with hundreds
of job applications submitted. [Hyannis
Job Fair Deemed a Success
, By Matthew M. Burke,
Cape Cod Times, April 15, 2008]

There`s a good lesson here: Americans are ready,
willing and able to work—as long as Congress and the
cheap labor lobby doesn`t make it impossible for them.