A Maryland Lawyer Says Mexican Families Can Remain Together—Even If One Parent Is Deported

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Correct Hospital Treatment

Howie Fox (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column:

California`s Chance—A Two-Tiered Birth Certificate

The two-tier birth certificate initiative

may introduce is a good idea.

But even without it, nothing forces illegal aliens to
leave their American-born
here if they are


In fact, to counter the argument that U.S. immigration
policy often forces families “to separate,” I
point out that

illegal aliens

leave children in Mexico
when they come here. 

But no reference is made to that fact when the U.S. is
castigated for supposedly

breaking families apart
through deportation. 

Furthermore, certain illegal alien males establish new
families with common law wives when they come to the
America. They then have two families: one here and one

No one in the press ever mentions
possibly because the media has not yet found a way to
assign the blame to us for that.

As a citizen, I am fed up with the attempts of the

illegal immigration lobby
to hold the US responsible
for the outcome of actions that illegal aliens
voluntarily take take. 

Illegal aliens make life choices and they need to be
held accountable for them.

Fox is
a retired labor and employment lawyer and a member of
several groups fighting illegal immigration including