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Obama’s Border Dissolution Is Treason. The Answer Is Impeachment. It Would Work. Plus: Palin Is Right–GOP Risks Replacement If It Fails To Act. And: Conversations On Race And IQ With Richard Lynn. Etc. etc.!!


Featured Articles

  1. Impeachment… Or Third Party? The Historic American Nation At The Moment Of Crisis by James Kirkpatrick

  2. McDaniel Wrong To Challenge Mississippi Outcome—As Al Gore Could Tell You by Ann Coulter

  3. “He Kept The Faith”–A Conversation With Richard Lynn: Part Two by Helmuth Nyborg

  4. Obama’s Immigration Lawyers’ Enrichment Act by Michelle Malkin

  5. “He Kept The Faith”–A Conversation With Richard Lynn by Helmuth Nyborg

  6. Impeachment, a Bridge Too Far? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  7. Obama’s Border Dissolution Is Treason. The Answer Is Impeachment. It Would Work. by Peter Brimelow

  8. Vladimir Avdeyev And The Russian Revival Of Racial Science by Kevin MacDonald

  9. Murrieta, CA Right To Fight–Obama Regime Plans European-Style Asylum Camps Throughout The US by Brenda Walker

  10. Sworn On The Fourth Of July—Naturalization Ceremonies Certifying A New People by James Fulford

  11. Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’ and a Liberal Big Lie by Patrick J. Buchanan

  12. A Catholic Condemns Cardinal O’Malley, Says Laity Must Rescue Church From Treason Lobby Sin by A.W. Morgan

  13. Soccer, Part Deux: A “Sport” Where The Losing Players Cry On Camera by Ann Coulter

  14. July Fourth Weekend May Bring More Black Violence—Suppressed By The MSM’s Reverse Trayvon Martin Scam by Nicholas Stix

  15. Exclusive: Inside the VA’s Spin-’N-Stonewall Machine by Michelle Malkin

  16. The National Question Front And Center At World Cup—Just What Are We Rooting For? by George Rhodes

  17. Tell the Imperial President: No More Wars! by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. Boehner Won’t Impeach. What next? by James Kirkpatrick

  2. Genes And Politics by James Fulford

  3. “In A Healthy Journalist Culture”: Moroccan Immigrant Stabs White French Female Teacher To Death In Front Of Middle School Students by James Fulford

  4. What the 1960s Were Really Like–For Normal People by Steve Sailer

  5. Jean Raspail’s “The Camp of the Saints” by Steve Sailer

  6. Genetics of Brazil by Steve Sailer

  7. France: Islam Plot to Bomb Paris Landmarks Is Foiled by Brenda Walker

  8. Big Problem For Obamacrat Illegal Kid Stunt: Senators Looking Up Air Fares! by Patrick Cleburne

  9. A Righteous Surge Across the Border by Steve Sailer

  10. White House Wants Billions for Processing Dumped Alien Kids by Brenda Walker

  11. 9th Circut Court of Appeals Mandates Driver’s Licenses for Illegals in Occupied Arizona by James Kirkpatrick

  12. NYT: Brat’s Theory of Protestant Work Ethic Has a “Surprisingly Distinguished History” by Steve Sailer

  13. Genetics of Argentina by Steve Sailer

  14. Lionel Messi and Human Growth Hormone by Steve Sailer

  15. Another Great Moment in Low-IQ Military Recruiting by Steve Sailer

  16. Catholic Church Urges Parishioners to House Illegal Aliens by Brenda Walker

  17. United Nations Pushes the Refugee Scam by James Kirkpatrick

  18. Some Things Never Change by Steve Sailer

  19. Zuniga v. Neymar: NYT Misses the Massive Irony by Steve Sailer

  20. Skin Lightening: Michael Jackson, Sammy Sosa, and Neymar by Steve Sailer

  21. As America Crumbles, Australian Courts Try To Destroy Their Country Too by James Kirkpatrick

  22. “Viva La Raza”, “Go Back to Europe”, Burning the American Flag: Murrieta Pro-Invasion Crowd Shows Its True Colors by Allan Wall

  23. Open Borders Admit Tuberculosis And The Government Is Transporting It Throughout The Country by Brenda Walker

  24. Impeachment: Coming Closer, Notwithstanding Pat Buchanan by Patrick Cleburne

  25. Call Your “State Refugee Coordinator” And Ask How Many Phony Refugees From The Southwest Border Are Coming To YOUR State! by James Fulford

  26. Great Moments in Military Recruiting by Steve Sailer

  27. They’re Back! (Of Course, the Neocons Never Actually Went Away) by Steve Sailer

  28. A Ravenel Effect! Lindsey Graham Scrambles To Seem Tough On Kidinvasion by Patrick Cleburne

  29. LA TIMES Notices Obama’s Kid Deportations Diminish by Brenda Walker

  30. Mexico Refuses Immigration Papers To Poor Salvadoran by Federale

  31. ICE SVU Planning Waco and Ruby Ridge In Murrieta by Federale

  32. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert: A Straight-Talker In A Town That Runs On Lies by Paul Nachman

  33. Juvenile Illegal Alien Jihad Shows That Fences Work by Federale

  34. Obama’s Plea For Border Control Money An Opportunity, If The Republicans Are Willing To Take It by Federale

  35. Congressman Goodlatte Reports on Texas Border Tour by Brenda Walker

  36. Obama Delivering Quarter Million Illegal Aliens to U.S. Homes – Where is the GOP? by Allan Wall

  37. Ravenel Announces Against Graham – But Goes Libertarian, Flunks, On Amnesty/Immigration Surge by Patrick Cleburne

  38. Does the American Dream Cost $130k Annually? by Steve Sailer

  39. Radio-Host Mark Levin Is A Great Resource For Immigration Patriots by Paul Nachman

  40. Radio Derb Is On The Air: Nancy Pelosi’s HUMCRI On The Border, Etc by John Derbyshire

  41. Obamacrat Border Dissolution: NATIONAL REVIEW Follows AdelZuck/GOP And Takes A Dive by Patrick Cleburne

  42. Happy 4th Of July From Japan! by Takuan Seiyo

  43. They’re Coming to America (Chinese Plutocrats, That Is) by Steve Sailer

  44. Obamacrat Border Collapse Scandal: MSM In Full Repression Mode by Patrick Cleburne

  45. TB And Immigration In Sacramento by James Fulford

  46. How Many American Indians in 1491? by Steve Sailer

  47. How The Media Lies On Behalf Of Illegal Aliens by Federale

  48. Public Health Crisis in San Diego: 40 Dumped Aliens Are Quarantined, 10 Hospitalized with Mystery Illnesses by Brenda Walker

  49. Ravenel To Declare Against Lindsey Graham: Will He Use Immigration? by Patrick Cleburne

  50. Report: White Working Class English Marginalized in Their Schools by Steve Sailer

  51. You Can Hear It Now: Governor Dick Lamm’s Famous Musings On “How To Destroy America” by Paul Nachman

  52. The Tribulations of Phyllis Kahn Continue–With Somali Voters And A Muslim Elections Judge by Steve Sailer

  53. Why Did We Do This to Ourselves? by Steve Sailer

  54. Obama Regime Moves To Entrench Foreign-Language Enclaves by Peter Brimelow

  55. Updated: THE BIRTH OF PRUDENCE Available in Paperback And Kindle by James Fulford

  56. Murieta, CA Citizens Protest Illegal Alien Dump by Brenda Walker

  57. Soccer Represents WASP Cultural Imperialism: “Sorry, We Invented That Too” by Steve Sailer

  58. Alert the GOP Brain Trust: Arabs Want Their Own Census Ethnicity by Steve Sailer

  59. How Hispanic Immigration Increases Inequality in America by Steve Sailer

  60. Opposition To Immigration Anarchy Shows Up In The Huffington Post, Of All Places by Paul Nachman

  61. New (Actually Old) Border Scam: Rent-a-Kid by Brenda Walker

  62. Ann Coulter Visits Paris and Avoids Algerians by Brenda Walker

  63. California’s Prison Gangs by Steve Sailer

  64. Pelosi Stated Obamacrat Immigration Policy: Not Open Borders: NO Borders. GOP/AdelZuck response: Zzzzz. by Patrick Cleburne

  65. The Stupid Party In Action: Ed Gillespie Wishes VA Muslims A Happy Ramadan by A.W. Morgan

  66. The Literal End of “America” by James Kirkpatrick

  67. Making The “Challenge” Of Diversity Bigger–Let’s Nuke Ourselves! by John Derbyshire

  68. An Apology To The People Of Bulgaria by John Derbyshire

  69. Virginia Kindergarten Shows State’s Diverse Future by Brenda Walker

  70. Did Amnesty Chatter plus Cartels’ New Business Plan Create an Evil Confluence? by Brenda Walker

  71. America’s Hispanic Future: La Salle County, TX by Steve Sailer

  72. Soccer As An Un-American Activity by James Fulford

  73. Texas Oil Boom Leaving Behind Hispanic Underclass by Steve Sailer

  74. Obama Gives Up On Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, Seeks To Impose By Decree. GOP To Impeach? by Peter Brimelow

  75. Democratic NY State Assemblywoman A Dominican Illegal Alien Who Committed Marriage Fraud by James Fulford

  76. ‘For National Security, Keep Foreign Terrorists Out’ — Geert Wilders by Brenda Walker

  77. France: Marine Le Pen Angered at Algerian Immigrants’ Soccer Riots by Brenda Walker

  78. Department of Unintentional Allegory: “Diversity Plaza Gets Dedicated Police Officers to Address Complaints” by Steve Sailer


  1. A Florida Reader Reports The Effects Of “Disparate Impact” Theory On Tampa’s School Discipline by VDARE.com Reader

  2. A Talk Radio Listener Says The US Is Strictly Enforcing A Border: Between The American People And The Illegal Invaders by VDARE.com Reader

  3. A Houston Reader Wonders When ICE Is Going To Enforce The Law At UCLA by VDARE.com Reader

  4. An American Defense Worker Warns That Elites Will Try To Defame Murrieta Activists The Way They Did Earlier Anti-”Busing” Groups by VDARE.com Reader

  5. A Reader Reminds That Obama’s Linguistic Balkanization Started With Clinton—And Was Continued By W by VDARE.com Reader

  6. A Bilingual Reader Reader Reports A New Horrible Disease In Central America–Coming To Migrant Shelter Near You by VDARE.com Reader

  7. A Suburban Illinois Reader Congratulates Mark Levin On His Immigration Coverage by James Fulford

  8. A Reader Makes A Point About Hispanics (And Nancy Pelosi) Who Say “We Are All Americans” by VDARE.com Reader

  9. A Reader Reports An Unusual Racial Incident: A BLACK FEMALE Student Punished For Racial Stereotyping! by VDARE.com Reader

  10. A Bulgarian Reader Isn’t Aggrieved With Us by VDARE.com Reader