04/02/12 The Fact Is That Diversity Isn`t Working

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 The fact is that diversity isn`t working–in the Martin-Zimmerman case or in the US military. It doesn`t even work in music.

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Featured Articles

  1. The Fulford File | The Multicultural Military Success Story-Its (Deliberately) Forgotten Failures by James Fulford
  2. Why Western Music Is Superior to Eastern by David Yeagley
  3. Two Congressman, GOP and Democrat (!), Suggest Redeploying Materiel To Border. Why Not Troops? by Henry McCulloch
  4. Memo From Middle America | Zimmerman Lynch Mob Exposes “Hispanic” Paper Tiger by Allan Wall
  5. Trayvon And Zimmerman-It`s All About Race Now by Patrick J. Buchanan
  6. What Many Churches And The SPLC Have In Common by Chuck Baldwin
  7. How George Zimmerman Became White by Ellison Lodge
  8. Diversity Is Strength! It`s Also….1984 in the U.K. (and the U.S.?) by David Webb
  9. GOP Wouldn`t Challenge Black Voter Fraud in 2008-Why Would It Challenge Trayvon Martin Lynch Mob Now? by Paul Kersey
  10. Trayvon Martin Lynch Mob Fury-Douse the Flames, Mr. President! by Patrick J. Buchanan
  11. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo




  1. UT Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner Gets Fired for Excessive Honesty in Racial Fairy Tale Pic Depicting Trayvon Martin Hoax by Nicholas Stix
  2. Escondido Refutes ACLU Accusations of Ripping Off Illegals by Brenda Walker
  3. Whatever Happens, It`s The White Man`s Fault by Steve Sailer
  4. Nicholas Stix: David Frum Being NeoCon On The Trayvon Martin Stunt by Patrick Cleburne
  5. “Latino Organizations Dismiss George Zimmerman, Question His Ethnicity” by Allan Wall
  6. Dr. Norm Matloff: Biden and Obama DON`T EVEN KNOW How H-1Bs Are Displacing Americans by James Fulford
  7. Nicholas Stix Supplies Trayvon Martin FAQ – And Pertinent Context by Patrick Cleburne
  8. France: Police Arrest 19 Suspected Jihadists by Brenda Walker
  9. Destructure`sTrayvon Martin FAQ by Nicholas Stix
  10. Thinking like Tom Wolfe about Trayvon and Zimmerman by Steve Sailer
  11. Los Angeles Schools: New Free Food Program Introduced by Brenda Walker
  12. Nicholas Stix: Devious Neocon Agenda In Trayvon Martin Lynch Mob Coverage by Patrick Cleburne
  13. Holidays on ICE: Committee Examines Deluxe Detention for Deportables by Brenda Walker
  14. Google News: “Trayvon” and “Omar Thornton” by Steve Sailer
  15. ICE Targets The DEA by Federale
  16. Dodgers: The Rich Get Richer by Steve Sailer
  17. It Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word “Existence” Is by Steve Sailer
  18. From The Not Quite Getting The Point Department by Federale
  19. Marco Rubio`s Veep Chances Spiking by Steve Sailer
  20. Latest Crop Crisis by Steve Sailer
  21. Ask Hispanics If They Feel Privileged by Linda Thom
  22. USCIS And Indian Government Conspiring To Increase American Unemployment by Federale
  23. Muslim Bar Owners in Austin Arrested for Drug Smuggling and Funding Hezbollah by Brenda Walker
  24. “Everything`s A Travesty With You, Man”-The Prestige Press Refuses To Believe Its Eyes by Steve Sailer
  25. They Were Afraid To Sit In The Front Of The Bus by James Fulford
  26. Ann Coulter On Zimmerman:”Using His Mother`s Maiden Name, He Would Be Admitted To The University Of Michigan Law School…” by James Fulford
  27. Krugman Vs. The “Ignorant Yahoos” by James Fulford
  28. Yes, Marco Rubio Definitely GOP Leadership`s Point Man For Hispandering by Patrick Cleburne
  29. “The Hunger Games” v. Heinlein`s “Tunnel in the Sky” by Steve Sailer
  30. Rep. Ted Poe Notes San Francisco Massacre by Non-Deported Foreign Felon by Brenda Walker
  31. Obama`s Illegal Alien Uncle Goes to Court, Gets Non-Punishment for Drunk Driving by Brenda Walker
  32. Here We Go Again…Hate Crime Suspected In Iraqui Woman`s Death by Steve Sailer
  33. “The Hunger Games” by Steve Sailer
  34. Trayvon: How the Case Was Spun by Steve Sailer
  35. Hutaree Yipee! by Peter Brimelow
  36. Michael Brendan Dougherty Thinks We`re Either “Race-Obsessed” Or “Racist”-Actually, Unlike Him, We`re Fact Obsessed by James Fulford
  37. Hispandering Alert! Rubio Designated GOP DREAM Act Flip-Flop Leader? by Patrick Cleburne
  38. Ipsos Says Mexicans Happier Than Americans by Allan Wall
  39. Irish-Pandering Visa Legislation Noted on CNN by Brenda Walker
  40. Accused San Francisco Mass Murderer Was Not Deported to Vietnam by Brenda Walker
  41. Was Trayvon A Burglar? by Steve Sailer
  42. The Real Story on the Trayvon Story by Steve Sailer
  43. Old Views (with one new twist) by Steve Sailer
  44. More Stupidity From NRO Over Trayvon Martin And Self Defense by Federale
  45. Why No Police Investigation Of A Racial Hate Crime? by Steve Sailer
  46. New News by Steve Sailer
  47. French Police Thwart Honor of Muslim Mass Murderer Merah in Toulouse by Brenda Walker
  48. The Trayvon Martin Case: Real Eyewitness Supports George Zimmerman`s Story, as Opposed to Lynch Mob`s Fake Eyewitnesses by Nicholas Stix
  49. Arrest Made In Suspected Immigrant Mass Murder In San Francisco by James Fulford



  1. A Reader Reports “Black Youths Pushing The Limits” In Confrontations With Police-Inspired By Trayvon Martin Publicity
  2. A Reader Points Out That The “Stand Your Ground” Is Irrelevant-Zimmerman Was Reportedly Reportedly PINNED To The Ground!
  3. A Reader Reminds Us Hispanics Are Counted As White When Committing Hate Crimes, As Minority When Victims
  4. A Florida Reader Calls Marco Rubio A Washington Weasel
  5. Michael Brendan Dougherty Writes With A Minor Point-An Extremely Minor Point, We`d Say
  6. A Canadian Reader Is Puzzled About Hispanics And Race


Syndicated Columns


  1. Eco-Scams Are as Easy as “A123” by Michelle Malkin
  2. The War on Wisconsin by Michelle Malkin
  3. Empires Then and Now by Paul Craig Roberts


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