01/24/12 Slippery Newt, Milquetoast Mitt, And The Prospects For Patriotic Immigration Reform

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Slippery Newt massacred milquetoast Mitt in South Carolina, so the GOP campaign contest rages on. We ask: what does it mean for patriotic imigration reform? Etc. etc.


Featured Articles


  1. Newt Gingrich And Richard Lapchick: Partners In America`s Racial Revolution by Paul Kersey
  2. South Carolina Shambles: Slippery Newt Massacres Milquetoast Mitt-Agonizes Immigration Patriots by James Kirkpatrick
  3. US Industry`s Automation Success Means Immigration Cuts More Than Ever Practical by Donald A. Collins
  4. So Near, And Yet So Far: That South Carolina GOP Debate and America`s Immigration Disaster by Peter Brimelow
  5. “Red Tails” Or Red Tales? George Lucas And The Myth Of The “Tuskegee Airmen” by Paul Kersey
  6. The Land of Obama Make-Believe-No Entry Visa Required! by Michelle Malkin
  7. Libertarian Steve Chapman: Mississippi Has More Crime Than Vermont Because Of Excessive Bible Reading! by Paul Gottfried
  8. What`s Wrong With Enforcing The Law? Wall Street Journal`s Miriam Jordan vs. Kris Kobach, And Mitt Romney by Donald A. Collins
  9. Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico) | Is Hispandering Necessary? by Allan Wall
  10. Diversity Is Strength! It`s Also…The End Of Free Speech by Jared Taylor
  11. The Cult Of St. Martin Luther King-A Loyalty Test For Careerist Conservatives? by Paul Gottfried
  12. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo




  1. Romney Florida Ads – Message Depends on the Language by Allan Wall
  2. Lazy HBDers And Statistics by Steve Sailer
  3. Redmond v. Palo Alto over Yale v. Jail by Steve Sailer
  4. To which GOP candidates does the Smart Money lean? by Steve Sailer
  5. Maureen Dowd On Obama:Who Knew? by Steve Sailer
  6. San Francisco Trial of Triple Murder to Start by Brenda Walker
  7. More Hispanic Corruption In DHS II by Federale
  8. Joe Paterno, RIP by James Fulford
  9. Mexicans, Marines, Murders, And The Media: The Explanation by James Fulford
  10. Britain: Muslims Convicted of Trying to Incite Gay Murders by Brenda Walker
  11. 3 States, 3 Winners: Why Is That So Bad? by Steve Sailer
  12. Ingrate Immigrant Blames America For Marital Troubles by Federale
  13. Filipino Boat Drill=Chinese Fire Drill? by James Fulford
  14. NYT`s Latest Discrimination Crisis–“Blacks Face Bias In Bankruptcy” by Steve Sailer
  15. Do the French still believe in Freud? by Steve Sailer
  16. Demonizing Schoolteachers by Steve Sailer
  17. Cuba: A view from Canada by Steve Sailer
  18. Jordanian Survivor of Honor Killing Attempt Tells Her Story by Brenda Walker
  19. Doing Work Americans Will Not: Chinese Immigrant Steals Federal Reserve Software by Patrick Cleburne
  20. Man Bites Dog, Whites Benefit From EEOC Prosecution…By Accident by Federale
  21. Los Angeles: Anti-Impound Policy for Illegal Aliens Is Debated by Brenda Walker
  22. Are Schoolteachers As Dumb As Education Majors? by Steve Sailer
  23. SC Debate: Santorum Flinches On Immigration by Peter Brimelow
  24. Rick Perry in Mexico`s El Universal by Allan Wall
  25. How It Works:”Obama-linked group accused of anti-Semitism” by Steve Sailer
  26. Trouble Viewing Videos on VDARE.com? by Crystal Seavey
  27. Once Again, Let`s Encourage Sheriff Arpaio With Postcards From All Over! by Paul Nachman
  28. Gustavo Arellano And Itzcoatl Ocampo: “Cringe at How These People Actually Live Among Us” by James Fulford
  29. Olympic Women`s Boxing: Dumbest Idea Of 2012 by Steve Sailer
  30. Noah Millman by Steve Sailer
  31. Oakland Is Burdened with Unemployable Refugees Having Expensive Health Problems by Brenda Walker
  32. Thilo Sarrazin Continues to Warn Germany against Muslim Immigration by Brenda Walker
  33. Women And Comedy by Steve Sailer
  34. Daniel Kahneman`s “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Steve Sailer
  35. “False Flag “ by Steve Sailer
  36. Women And Children First? Not On Sinking Italian Cruise Ships by James Fulford
  37. RNC Chairman: “GOP Natural Home Of Whites. Just LOOK At Democrats!” by Patrick Cleburne
  38. Geraldo: Romney Is a Secret Mexican by Brenda Walker
  39. Chicago Officials Throw Public Safety under the Bus by Brenda Walker
  40. Cruise Liner Captains Don`t Go Down With Their Ships by Steve Sailer
  41. “What`s Race Got To Do With It?” by Steve Sailer
  42. Comments on Santorum`s Comments by Allan Wall
  43. VDARE.com interview with Tom Tancredo Part V: Thoughts on the 112th Congres – YouTube by Washington Watcher
  44. Kaus: Romney Will Flip-Flop Again On Immigration by James Fulford
  45. Ethnicity ? Race! by Steve Sailer
  46. Cochran On Genes, IQ, And Disease-Consider The Implications by Steve Sailer
  47. Santorum Comes Out for Cuts in LEGAL Immigration by Peter Brimelow
  48. Taliban Brainwashes Kids That Suicide Bombs Kill Only Infidels by Brenda Walker


                  Syndicated Columnists

  1. More On Ron Raul by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. Who Wants War With Iran? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  3. The Bank of (Democratic Party) America by Michelle Malkin
  4. Vulture Capitalism or Populist Demagoguery? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  5. Washington Moves The World Closer To War by Paul Craig Roberts




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