07/02/12 SCOTUS, Arizona, Obamacare: The Limits of Litigation

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Alien NAtion
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First Arizona, then Obamacare: VDARE.com says politics, not litigation, must be the ultimate answer. Also: in a further celebration of the 20th anniversary of Peter Brimelow`s National Review immigration cover story, we look at what could have happened if politicians had listened. We can dream, can`t we?!! Etc etc. 

Featured Articles



  1. National Data | How A 1992 Moratorium Could Have Helped Preserve the Historic American Majority by Edwin Rubenstein
  2. Human Capital-A Chat With Thomas Sowell by Peter Brimelow
  3. Never Too Busy to Hate: Affirmative Action Criminal Justice in Atlanta by Nicholas Stix
  4. SCOTUS, Obamacare, And The Limits Of Litigation by Peter Brimelow
  5. John Derbyshire On What`s So Scary About Darwin? by John Derbyshire
  6. SCOTUS On Arizona`s SB 1070: A Victory…If Immigration Patriots Can Make It One by Washington Watcher
  7. Team Obama`s Brother Sharpton Moment by Michelle Malkin
  8. The Philosophy Department Looks at Immigration by Martin Witkerk
  9. Like Father, Like Son-Betraying The GOP Base Is A Romney Family Tradition by Matthew Richer




  1. Israel: As Serious About Deportation As Obamacrats Are About Amnesty by Patrick Cleburne
  2. Emil Guillermo Still Going On About Vincent Chin, Thirty Years Later by Federale
  3. Canadian Playmate Shera Bechard May Be Hot, But…A GENIUS Visa? by Federale
  4. Could President Obama Be A Mexican? by Patrick Cleburne
  5. Chinese Cheating by Steve Sailer
  6. If Romney “Misspeaks” Enough On Immigration, Maybe Patriots Will “Misvote”. by Patrick Cleburne
  7. It`s All Relative: Racial Records In 100m Dash by Steve Sailer
  8. Signaling Theory: Black First Names by Steve Sailer
  9. Black Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli: Nature v. nurture by Steve Sailer
  10. U.S. Amnesties Illegals, Israel Deports. Why The Difference? by Patrick Cleburne
  11. Illegal Alien Crosswalk Killer Is Sentenced in Santa Rosa by Brenda Walker
  12. Did Obamacrats Block Corruption Prosecution Of Top Hispanic Pol? by Patrick Cleburne
  13. The Unpersecuted Syrians Of 1907 Alabama by James Fulford
  14. Progress On Amnesty Blocking Bills – Question About Quayle. by Patrick Cleburne
  15. Feds Considering Declaring Arabs Eligible For Affirmative Action by Steve Sailer
  16. Illegal Alien Bangladeshi Is Sentenced for Murdering Hillsdale NY Grandmother by Brenda Walker
  17. Why Does Joel Kotkin Want To Impoverish Skilled Americans? by Patrick Cleburne
  18. Hispanic Low Turnout Noted In The National Journal by James Fulford
  19. Amnesty Blocking Bills: Three More Heroes by Patrick Cleburne
  20. A Comment on the Supreme Court by Patrick Cleburne
  21. Saudi Found Guilty of Terror Plot in West Texas by Brenda Walker
  22. MSM Fears Obamnesty Causing Sailer Strategy Electoral Disaster For Democrats by Patrick Cleburne
  23. Brazilian Blowouts by Steve Sailer
  24. Mexican Mustaches by Steve Sailer
  25. John Derbyshire`s Response to Jared Taylor on Miscegenation by John Derbyshire
  26. Dr. Norm Matloff On The “Foreign Inventors” Study Hyped By Industry And The WSJ by James Fulford
  27. Excellent Anti-Amnesty House Speech By Mo Brooks by Patrick Cleburne
  28. FBI Is Investigating 100 Islamic Extremists in Military by Brenda Walker
  29. Dr. Vibrant`s Back: Richard Florida Still Wrong About “Creative Class”-Bohemians Don`t Invent Technology. Nerds Do by Steve Sailer
  30. Did Hippies Have German Roots? by Steve Sailer
  31. Particularism And Rock Bands by Steve Sailer
  32. How Long Can Limbaugh Avoid Reflecting His Audience`s Anger At GOP`s “Leadership “? by Patrick Cleburne
  33. I Got Game (Federale On His Creation Of The Term Administrative Amnesty) by Federale
  34. Amnesty Blocking Bills Update: Two More Heroes by Patrick Cleburne
  35. “The White Margin To Watch” by James Fulford
  36. Ron Unz, Mitt Romney, English For The Children, And Romney`s ONLY Electoral Success by James Fulford
  37. Muslims Unhappy About Buddhist “Jihad” by Federale
  38. Arizona Decision Response: Draft Rush Limbaugh For President? by Patrick Cleburne
  39. Is It Any Wonder Firms Are Slow To Hire New Workers? by Steve Sailer
  40. Washington to Arizonans: Drop Dead by Brenda Walker
  41. A General Theory Of Guilt v. Shame by Steve Sailer
  42. Not Quite As Boring As Most Olympic Track Posts by Steve Sailer
  43. Amy Wax: “The Iron Law Of Personnel Selection” by Steve Sailer
  44. Nameless in Nickeas` Chicago: Unnamed “Someones” Shot by Unnamed “Someones” from Unnamed Gangs, and Driven to the Hospital by Unnamed “Someones” by Nicholas Stix
  45. The Quayle/Schweikert Amnesty Blocking Bills Hero Count: An Update by Patrick Cleburne
  46. Supreme Court`s Arizona Immigration Decision: Bad Or Disastrous? by Steve Sailer
  47. Whither The White Working Class Vote? (Hint: Marriage Matters) by Steve Sailer
  48. Japanese: Guilt or Shame? by Steve Sailer
  49. Kris Kobach: Obama Amnesty Violates Federal Law by Brenda Walker
  50. USA TODAY Hispanic Hype Revives “Bush Got 44 Percent” Myth by James Fulford
  51. Obama Moves To Nullify Supreme Court Ruling by James Fulford
  52. More On George Romney, Mitt Romney, And “Civil RIghts” by James Fulford
  53. MSM Confused By Supreme Court Ruling On Arizona`s SB 1070:”Upholds! “Rejects!””Invalidates!” Which Is It? by James Fulford
  54. Cousin Marriage V. Democracy by Steve Sailer





  1. On Canada Day, An English-Canadian Reader Muses On Immigration
  2. A Reader Proposes Making Federal Judges Responsible By Electing Them
  3. A Reader Writes On Duluth`s Anti-Whiteness Campaign
  4. A Georgia Reader Writes “Our Politicians, Supposed Conservatives, Care Only For Themselves”
  5. A Mississipi Reader Asks If America Is Ready To Reject The Supreme Court`s Supreme Rule
  6. A North Carolina Student Writes To Ask About VDARE.com`s “Warped View Of The History Of Colonialism And Slavery”
  7. A Pennsylvania Reader Is So Enraged With Romney`s Obamnesty Cowardice That He`ll Stay Home On Election Day
  8. A Reader Says That if You Think Romney`s Amnesty Assent Is Bad, His Plans For Legal Immigration Are Worse



Syndicated Columns
  1. Rating and Ranking Our Presidents by Patrick J. Buchanan  
  2. Can The World Survive Washington`s Hubris? by Paul Craig Roberts  
  3. Has the Day of the Islamist Arrived? by Patrick J. Buchanan




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