03/06/12 Limbaugh vs Treason Lobby Ad Agencies

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They`re coming for Rush Limbaugh–which is too bad, although he was no help to us on immigration. “They” is the advertising agencies, which have become infested with Treason Lobby types. That`s why immigration patriot websites must use the donation model. ALSO: Like our new Official Facebook site!

Featured Articles

  1. The Fulford File| MAD MEN In Reverse-Limbaugh, Liberty, And Leo Burnett by James Fulford
  2. Buchanan The Crusader: Timothy Stanley And The Real Story Of Pat Buchanan`s Importance by James Kirkpatrick  
  3. RICO Strikes Again: Sanderson Farms Sued For Hiring Illegals by VDARE.com Editors   


  4. Proposition 187-Victory In Defeat? by Edwin Rubenstein        
  5. Memo From Middle America | Dialoguing Puerto Rico`s Destiny With Puerto Ricans by Allan Wall


  6. The Battle of Maryland: Radical Left (and Big Business) vs. Immigration Patriots Over DREAM Act by Paul Mendez      
  7. Otis Graham: “35 Years Of Lows and Highs of Immigration Reform” by Otis L Graham       
  8. Jan Brewer On Arizona`s Agony (But Not What`s Behind It) by F. Roger Devlin 
  9. Charles Murray Gets Readmitted to Polite Society-At A Price: Ignoring Immigration by Steve Sailer 
  10. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo






  1. Homegrown Jihadist Kaziu Gets His Prison Assignment by Brenda Walker


  2. Baltimore Catholic Diocese Attacks Public Safety by Brenda Walker


  3. Illegals Receive Billions in IRS Cash for Kids; Cardinal Mahony Approves by Brenda Walker


  4. Kansas City Star Censorsing Horrific Anti-White Hate Crime? by Anonymous Attorney


  5. Vice President Biden Visits Mexico, Talks to Calderon and Candidates by Allan Wall


  6. Conspiracy Theories Over Black Lawmakers and Ethics Investigations by Steve Sailer


  7. Is Laurel, MS, The Slave Power Capital? by Patrick Cleburne


  8. Aliens (And US Citizen Chinese) Behind Massive Smuggling Conspiracy by Federale


  9. White would-be firemen study too hard by Steve Sailer


  10. Affirmative Action Turns 51 by James Fulford


  11. Why A “Majority-Minority” America Will Be A Problem for Democrats Too by Peter Brimelow    
  12. Paul Weston`s Warning to America: Don`t Continue Admitting Hostile Muslims a Immigrants by Brenda Walker   
  13. Convicted Murderer Is Released to Massachusetts Streets Rather Than Deported by Brenda Walker   
  14. Why Did James Q. Wilson Never Apply “Broken Windows” To Illegal Immigration? by Peter Brimelow   
  15. James Q. Wilson, RIP by Steve Sailer   
  16. Hispanic Fertility by Steve Sailer   
  17. New Film Examines Border Issues by Brenda Walker   
  18. Hostile Muslims Mount Expensive Pro-Sharia Propaganda Campaign by Brenda Walker  
  19. Eric Holder: Quotas without End, Amen by Steve Sailer   
  20. How Can We Measure Innovation And Creativity? by Steve Sailer   
  21. Slavery Returning to New York? by Randall Burns   
  22. So Time`s Michael Scherer Says Phoenix City Council (1,388 Votes Cast) Means Latinos Will Pick The Next President…? by Steve Sailer     
  23. James Q. Wilson, R. I. P. by James Fulford     
  24. Worst Youth Unemployment in 64 Years: Remember Immigration Impact by Patrick Cleburne   
  25. VDARE.com Official Facebook Page!! by VDare Office   
  26. Andrew Breitbart, RIP by Steve Sailer     
  27. Ombudsman: There Is “No Statutory Basis” For Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty-Oooppps! by Federale   
  28. Craig Ferguson, Mitt Romney, And Your “New Mexican Overlords” by James Fulford   
  29. Antonovich Raises Anchor Baby Costs Again. Where Is Congressional GOP? by Patrick Cleburne   
  30. Chinese Illegal Alien Surprised He Was Arrested by Federale   
  31. Number of Mosques in America Is Up 74 Percent in a Decade by Brenda Walker     
  32. A Prediction About America In 2062 by Steve Sailer   
  33. They Said It Anyway-“Arizona Primary Signals Softening On Immigration”-Not! by James Fulford   
  34. Zombie Muhammad Judge vs. Free Speech by Anonymous Attorney   
  35. More Views On California Surnames Of Semifinalists by Steve Sailer   
  36. Beck On Romney And E-Verify by James Fulford   
  37. Black Stanford Law Professor: Butt Out Supreme Court – Affirmative Action Black Entitlement by Patrick Cleburne   
  38. The One Percent by Steve Sailer   
  39. Just How Stupid Is The Treason Bar? by Federale   
  40. More Ice Fail by Federale   
  41. Alan Dershowitz To Take On Media Matters-NOW David Brock Is In Trouble! by James Fulford   
  42. In Bolivia, Handicapped Protesters Take on Riot Police by Allan Wall   
  43. Wash. Post: Black Women Fat And Happy About It by Steve Sailer   
  44. Deval is Magnanimous, But We Are “Small” by Matthew Richer   
  45. More Espionage From Chinese Immigrants by Federale     
  46. Confirmation On The Decline On Deportations Of Criminal Aliens by Federale   
  47. Islam in Britain Update from Coren and Spencer by Brenda Walker   
  48. California GOP Convention Fears Robust Sovereignty Message by Brenda Walker     
  49. Obama Admin: U.S. not accomplishing anything in Afghanistan, so can`t leave by Steve Sailer   
  50. New Jersey Man (Korean Exchange Student) Arrested For Repeatedly Running Over Girlfriend by James Fulford   
  51. Governors Brown and Brewer Spar on Meet the Press by Brenda Walker   
  52. Tax Cheats To Get The Boot by Federale     
  53. Telling Factoid: Secure Communities Deports Only One In Five Of Jailed Illegals by Federale     
  54. When Was The Last Mexican American Nominated For An Oscar? by Steve Sailer     
  55. It`s Annual Subculturepalooza Day by Steve Sailer   
  56. Rudi Can`t Fail (in fact, Rudi Can Yale) by Steve Sailer   
  57. Kipling Would Not Have Been Surprised by Steve Sailer   
  58. And In Other News…LAPD Wants To Release Unlicensed Illegals by Federale




  1. A Washington State Reader Has A Modest Proposal (With Apologies To J. Swift) On Where To Send The Troops by VDARE.com Reader


  2. A Graduate Student Wonders If America Would Actually Save Money If It Spent $94 Billion Dollars Deporting Illegals (It Would, But It Won`t Happen) by VDARE.com Reader     


  3. A Reader Sympathizes With The Former Owners Of The Continent by VDARE.com Reader  


  4. A California Reader Notices A Case Of Immigrant Slavery by VDARE.com Reader


  5. A California Reader Wonders If Reports Of Low Conservative IQ Apply To Steve Sailer by VDARE.com Reader          
  6. A Midwest Reader Writes On Buchanan And True Leadership by VDARE.com Reader      


  7. A Tennessee Reader Reports An Expensive Trial In Nashville by VDARE.com Editors        


  8. A Maryland Reader Asks “Is Romney Ready for the Sailer Strategy?” by VDARE.com Reader

Syndicated Columns
  1.  Why Can`t americans Have Democracy? by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. Suppressing Conservative Speech-Obama`s Campaign Bully Brigade Rides Again by Michelle Malkin
  3. The Autoworkers Obama Left Behind by Michelle Malkin
  4. Remembering The Alamo by Chuck Baldwin
  5. Will Bibi Break Obama? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  6. For What, All These Wars? by Patrick J. Buchanan

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