02/06/12 HALF January New Jobs Went To Immigrants — 96% (!) To Hispanics

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Featured Articles

  1. Leo Strauss-Immigration Enthusiast? by John Venn
  2.  Superbowl 2012: NE Patriots vs. NY Giants-And Anti-White Stereotypes by Paul Kersey
  3. National Data | January Jobs: Half of New Jobs Go To Immigrants-96% (!) To Hispanics by Edwin Rubenstein
  4. Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, Support Official English. Why Not GOP House Leadership? by Suzanne Bibby  
  5. “Supreme Irony”-Gingrich Right About The Courts by Peter Brimelow
  6. Rand Paul, Barack Obama, And East Haven CT: Harassing Air Travelers OK-But Not Illegal Aliens by James Ryan
  7. The Fulford File| Jeb Bush-Treason Lobbyist by James Fulford
  8. Red Tails Nosedives by Paul Kersey
  9. Immigration Cartoon Of The Day by Baloo



  1. Bloomberg Columnist Rubbishes Historic American Nation. Why? by Patrick Cleburne
  2. Allan Wall on Geoff Metcalf Show, Monday, February 6th, at 11 P.M. Eastern Time by Allan Wall
  3. Illegal Aliens Now Getting Free Cell And Landlines by Federale
  4. Obama To Double Or Triple Legal Immigration? by Federale
  5. The Great Game Ain`t So Great Anymore by Steve Sailer
  6. The Obama Reality Distortion Field by Steve Sailer
  7. Miano and Obama on H-1Bs (We prefer Miano) by Patrick Cleburne
  8. Dumb MSM Question: Will Ron Paul Support Gingrich? Immigration Patriot`s Question: Does It Matter? by James Fulford
  9. Drunk-Driving Bolivian Nun-Killer Gets 20 Years by Brenda Walker
  10. The Frenchest Thing Anybody Ever Said In English by Steve Sailer
  11. Immigrant Economists In Alabama: Supporting Illegal Immigration AND Displacing American Economists by James Fulford
  12. Border Trash Is Still Piling Up by the Tons by Brenda Walker
  13. Obama Is An Overly Polite Loner Night Dweeb by Steve Sailer
  14. Controlling “The Bounds Of Public Discourse” by Steve Sailer
  15. Clybourne Park Implodes On Broadway by Steve Sailer
  16. Anti-Trend Inc. by Steve Sailer
  17. Self-Deportation Was NOT Invented By “Daniel D. Portado” In 1994, It Was Used By The American Government As Long Ago As 1914! by James Fulford
  18. Alabama Crackdown Opens Up Jobs For Americans-Treason Lobby In Denial by Federale
  19. Self-Deportation In The New York Times by James Fulford
  20. If Race Doesn`t Exist … by Steve Sailer
  21. GOP Nomination: Time To Think About 2013 by Patrick Cleburne
  22. Florida Result Shows Failure of Hispander Strategy by Brenda Walker
  23. Scandal: Pomona College Stops Using Illegal Labor! by James Fulford
  24. Hispanic Hate Fails To Materialize In Florida Primary by James Fulford
  25. Ron Paul Says We`re Scapegoating Immigrants-And That`s Not The Worst Part! by James Fulford
  26. Why Charles Murray Is Focusing On “The State of White America” by James Fulford
  27. Newt Gingrich Finally Finds a Group of Illegal Aliens he Could (Possibly) Deport by Allan Wall
  28. Jodi Kantor`s “The Obamas” by Steve Sailer
  29. Ezra Levant Condemns Multicultural Media Framing of Honor Killing Verdict by Brenda Walker
  30. Dr. Norm Matloff: Obama Nonplussed By Call From Wife Of Engineer Displaced By H-1Bs by James Fulford
  31. College Admits Cheating On SAT by Steve Sailer
  32. Canadian Journalist Michael Coren Explains Honor Killing by Brenda Walker
  33. The Next Step Of The Administrative Amnesty: “Legitimizing” Illegal Labor by Federale
  34. Which Are First Choice Colleges And Which Are Safety Schools? by Steve Sailer
  35. Young Engineers And The Allure Of Gravity, Cont. by Steve Sailer
  36. College Sports Recruiting by Steve Sailer
  37. The IQ Ameliorist School by Steve Sailer
  38. Sagacious Santorum Endorses Sailer Strategy by Patrick Cleburne
  39. Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome In Canada: Quadruple Honor Killing Leads To 25-Year Sentences by James Fulford
  40. Charles Murray`s “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010” by Steve Sailer
  41. Hispandering Newt States His Support for English Carefully by Brenda Walker
  42. USA Today Catches up with VDARE.COM (At Least on One Issue) by Allan Wall


Syndicated Columns

Sailer on Sundays



Obama`s Racial Redistributionism Opens Up Affirmative Action Issue-But GOP Too Cowardly (Again) To Benefit by Steve Sailer    




Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush-Servants of Davos Man. by Steve Sailer