07/16/12 Derbyshire Vindicated: Nasty Things Happen To Good Samaritans

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

A VDARE.com study shows Good Samaritans being mugged etc. after John Derbyshire`s famous warning–but, curiously, his detractors haven`t apologized to him yet. Also: an Asian student writes Pat Buchanan about what you get for obeying U.S. immigration law. Etc. etc.

Featured Articles
  1. “Good Samaritans”: John Derbyshire Vindicated (Again) by Unamusement Park
  2. An Asian Student, Legally Resident, WritesTo Pat Buchanan by VDARE.com Editors
  3. North American Consultants “Disappearing ” Trinidad`s (Horrific) Crime Rate? by Nicholas Stix
  4. John Derbyshire Gives One Cheer for Conservatism, Inc. by John Derbyshire
  5. The Atlanta School Scandal After A Year: Chamber of Commerce a.k.a. Conservatism Inc Doesn`t Want To Know by Paul Kersey
  6. Virginia GOP Senate Nominee George Allen: Now Just Another “Conservative” Quota King by Peter Bradley
  7. Memo From Middle America | Get The Message, People! Demography Is Destiny! by Allan Wall


  1. The Irish Savant Asks Key Romney Question. Patrick Cleburne Proposes Answer. by Patrick Cleburne
  2. James “Flynn Effect” Flynn: Man Smart, Woman Smarter by Steve Sailer
  3. You Were Lied To By Your Penthouse Magazines: 4 Out Of 5 Lesbians Not Having Sex by Steve Sailer
  4. Salon: Detroit Now Run By Unelected White Person, And That`s A Good Thing by Steve Sailer
  5. Even Racists Have A Right To Self-Defense by Federale
  6. “How D.C. Became a District of Corruption” by Steve Sailer
  7. Learning from Israel`s Example, Part CXXXVII: Refugee Policy by Steve Sailer
  8. Eric Holder Demeans Voting Integrity in Texas-Forgetting Landslide Lyndon by Brenda Walker
  9. Forbes 400 By Ethnicity by Steve Sailer
  10. Transiting Foreigners Are Unwelcome in Mexican Town by Brenda Walker
  11. Chicago Police and Media Must Do a Better Job of Conspiring to Cover Up Black Crime! by Nicholas Stix
  12. Team Romney`s Ineptitude: Culture? Stupidity? Or Corruption? by Patrick Cleburne
  13. David Brooks Almost Goes There by Steve Sailer
  14. BuzzFeed Thinks Opposing Condi Rice Evil by Patrick Cleburne
  15. “Savages:” Whole Lotta Oliver Stone by Steve Sailer
  16. Non-Mexican Latin Illegals Keep Coming by Brenda Walker
  17. Michael Coren Interviews Imam Rauf by Brenda Walker
  18. The Lawsuits Begin:”Lesbian Couple Files Federal Lawsuit Hoping To Halt Deportation Of Same-Sex Spouses” by Federale
  19. Never Trust A Black Cop? Black Detectives Wanted Zimmerman Charged by Federale
  20. Mitt Romney`s Awful NAACP Speech?Race Is The Great Enstupidator by John Derbyshire
  21. NeoCons: Condi Rice For VP – No White Men Need Apply by Patrick Cleburne
  22. George Zimmerman, Wrecker by Steve Sailer
  23. Cue Dr. Evil: “175 Mmmmmmilion Dollars!” by Steve Sailer
  24. Diversity before Diversity: Dadabhai Naoroji, 19th Century MP by Steve Sailer
  25. ICE-king Morton Claims He Will Punish the Worst Criminal Alien Sanctuaries by Brenda Walker
  26. Paul Kersey Says “Ban College Football!” by Paul Kersey
  27. Eric “My People” Holder`s Address To The NAACP by Paul Kersey
  28. All I Know Is What I Read In The Papers:”No Immigration Bounce for Obama” by Steve Sailer
  29. Sports Viewership: Man Smart, Woman Smarter by Steve Sailer
  30. Genetics of Amerindians by Steve Sailer
  31. Poll: Two-Thirds Want Their States to Check Immigration Status during Police Traffic Stops by Brenda Walker
  32. Professional Journalists At WSJ: “Teens See Summer Jobs Vanish”–Taken By Immigrants, Say Unpaid Commenters? by James Fulford
  33. Human Biodiversity-The Latest by John Derbyshire
  34. The (Central) American Dream by James Fulford
  35. Father of Silicon Valley: Shockley or Terman? by Steve Sailer
  36. Sibling Rivalry: Ed Hall, Ted Hall, And The Venona Project by Steve Sailer
  37. Arrests At The Border Are Down, So The Obama Regime Closes Interior Border Patrol Stations by Federale
  38. Italy: Politician Suggests No-immigrant Buses to Protect Women and Italians by Brenda Walker
  39. “Massachusetts Man” Ferdaus In The Headlines, Bangladeshi Muslim Plotter In The Story by James Fulford
  40. Dr. Norm Matloff On The Bright Future Report by James Fulford
  41. A Nude Beach In Rural Wisconsin? Just Germans Doing German Stuff by Steve Sailer
  42. Online Higher Education V. The Accounting Profession by Steve Sailer
  43. A. Who won the Big One? by Steve Sailer
  44. Second MS-13 Gangster in Bologna Triple Murder Is Arrested in North Carolina by Brenda Walker
  45. Israel To Block Illegal Immigrant Remittances: Why Doesn`t America? by Patrick Cleburne
  46. The Derb List by John Derbyshire
  47. Are Races Racist? by Steve Sailer
  48. Academic Inertia by Steve Sailer
  49. Bill & Melinda Gates Rebranding 3rd World Population Control As Feminist by Steve Sailer
  50. More Entries For John Derbyshire`s “The Talk” by Paul Kersey
  51. Man Bites Dog: Wall Street Journal`s James Taranto Serves Up Some Immigration Facts, Without Snark by Paul Nachman
  52. News on Population Genetics-Human Genome Research Shows Race Is Real by John Derbyshire
  53. Texas Drought Puts Water Supply Front and Center, but Ignores Demand Side by Brenda Walker





  1. A White Mississippi Reader Questions The Search For A Great Black Republican Hope
  2. A California Reader Notes Hispanic Voter Fraud In The Suburbs Of Los Angeles
  3. A Reader Has Both A Comment And A Question For Federale Over The Zimmerman Prosecution
  4. A California Reader Asks “Tijuana Or Los Angeles?”
  5. A Reader Compares Employers Of H-1B Visa Workers To The Slave Power
  6. A Louisiana Reader Reports Illegal Immigrants Marching IN MEXICO When The Central American Train Of Death Goes Down 

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