07/30/12 CA GOP`s problem: whites (and idiot leaders), not Mexicanization

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Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

Featured Article

What action, if any, do you want your members to take? Add a “Find out more” link to additional information that you may have hosted on your website.

We`re sick of all this innumerate nonsense about California being unwinnable. Also: Michele Bachmann is right;and: Anaheim is Occupied America etc. etc.

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  1.  CA GOP`s Problem: Not Hispanics, But Whites (And, Of Course, Idiot Leadership) by Peter Brimelow
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  3. Can Baltimore Fill Its Urban Barrios With Aliens To Save Its Bond Ratings?by Donald A. Collins 
  4. Report From Occupied America: Thanks To Immigration (And The MSM), Not Walt Disney`s Anaheimby Nicholas Stix   
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  6. Immigration Time-Out Needed To Save GOP–And Americaby Patrick J. Buchanan 
  7. Memo From Middle America | Latest Romney Spanish-Language Ad Hints At Amnesty. But What About White Working Class?by Allan Wall 
  8. Michele Bachmann Is Right. The GOP Leadership Are Wimps. Ed Rollins Is A Weasel.by James Fulford 
  9. Automation Will Bring Huge Permanent Unemployment So Why Add Immigrants?by Donald A. Collins 
  10. Aurora`s Dark Knight-Mare Just Another Weekend In Chicagoby Paul Kersey 
  11. Obama`s America-and Oursby Patrick J. Buchanan


  1.  The Irish Savant On The Ruin Of Sweden by Patrick Cleburne
  2. Long Island: Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Killer of Two Is Sentenced in Plea Deal by Brenda Walker
  3. Bandar Is Back! (And Maybe Gone, Too) by Steve Sailer
  4. The Gender Gap In Olympic-Style Events Has Been Stable Since 1983 by Steve Sailer
  5. Signs of Intellectual Progress-Healthy Skepticism On Chinese Women Athletes by Steve Sailer
  6. Allan Wall on Chuck Wilder`s Talkback to Discuss a Better Strategy for Romney, Scheduled for Tuesday, July 31st, 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time, 3:00 P.M. Central Time by Allan Wall
  7. “Logan” Writes from Dearborn(istan), Reports That Islamic Immigration Has Changed Things There by Allan Wall
  8. Illegal Aliens and “Coyotes” Don`t Cause Mass Death, Bad Tires and Pursuing Authorities Do-Got It? by Nicholas Stix
  9. The Original Flash Mob? by John Derbyshire
  10. Demographic Annihilation, Oh Ja-The Decline Of Sweden by John Derbyshire
  11. The Definitive Word On Romney`s Israel Grovel by Patrick Cleburne
  12. Uh-Oh! by James Fulford
  13. If Romney`s “Anglo-Saxon” Gaffe “Was Dog-Whistle Racism, Then Obama`s 2008 Campaign Was A Blaring Klaxon Horn Of Race”by Steve Sailer   
  14. Associated Press: “U.S. Sees Israel, Tight Mideast Ally, as Spy Threat”by Steve Sailer 
  15. Everclear: The Affordable Family Formation bandby Steve Sailer 
  16. North Carolina Sheriff: Revolving Door Is No Deterrent to Illegalsby Brenda Walker 
  17. Housebroken Matt Taibbi Bashes Buchanan On Immigration – Despite Agreeing With Him?by Patrick Cleburne   
  18. Danny Boyle`s Olympics: A Multicultural “Triumph Of The Will”by John Derbyshire 
  19. Olympic Opening Ceremony Makes Britain A Worldwide Laughing Stock: Thanks, U.K. Elite.by Patrick Cleburne 
  20. The Art Of Scare Quotesby James Fulford 
  21. Happy Diversity Icon Marseille Experiences Muslim Rioting over Burqaby Brenda Walker 
  22. Olympics Jumper Voula Papachristou And The Incentive System For Charges Of Racismby A.W. Morgan   
  23. Germans and Brits And “Anglo-Saxons”by John Derbyshire   
  24. Should Schools Have Racial Disciplinary Quotas?by Allan Wall 
  25. “Tired? Poor? Huddled? Tempest-Tossed? Try Australia!”by James Fulford   
  26. Romney: Not Stupid—Just A Cluelessly Unimaginative Member Of The “Extreme Center”by John Derbyshire   
  27. David Frum, Immigration Restrictionistby James Fulford 
  28. ICE Officer: “Obamacrats Threaten To Fire Us For Enforcing Immigration Laws”by Patrick Cleburne 
  29. Border Patrol Agents Slam Obama`s Catch-and-Release Amnestyby Brenda Walker   
  30. The NATION`s Mark Oppenheimer, David Frum, and Peter Brimelowby Peter Brimelow 
  31. Raul Reyes: “Latinos May Lead the Way to Gun Control in the Future”by Allan Wall 
  32. Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, And Cobb Countyby Paul Kersey 
  33. Ernie Sailer, 1917-2012by Steve Sailer
  34. Man Bites Dog: USCIS Actually Vets Applicant For Naturalization…But A Judge Lets Him In Anywayby Federale
  35. NYT: Churchill`s Special Relationship “Poisonous,” “Hateful”by Steve Sailer 
  36. Not The Onion:”Boy`s Gay Marriage Appeal Gets Audience”by Steve Sailer
  37. Greek Olympian Fired For Joke – Or Her Choice Of Political Party?by Patrick Cleburne 
  38. Obama Bidding For Black Votes – Good. Romney Bidding For Anglophile Votes – “Stunningly Offensive”by Patrick Cleburne   
  39. Bachmann v. Huma v. GOP: Defenders of American Freedom Are Condemned by GOP Establishment by Brenda Walker 
  40. L.A. Times: “Is It `Relevant` That James Holmes Is White?”by Steve Sailer 
  41. Huma Abedin and the Saudi Lobbyby Steve Sailer 
  42. Colorado, Christopher Nolan, and “Following”by Steve Sailer 
  43. Vast Mexican Consular Network Aiding “Dreamers” Given Amnesty by Obama Decreeby Allan Wall 
  44. Brilliant Viguerie Post On Conservatism Inc.by Peter Brimelow 
  45. Israelis Act On Blocking Funds Transfers By Illegal Immigrantsby Patrick Cleburne   
  46. Alien Voter Registration: Hispanic Groups` Reaction More Evidence That Profiling Worksby Federale 
  47. Derb Suicide Watch-Please Set Your Minds At Rest!by John Derbyshire 
  48. St Paul Pioneer Press Gently Questions Unequal Law Enforcementby Brenda Walker 
  49. Globalization Knocking On Bellingham`s Doorby Federale   
  50. Obama Immigration Enforcement: Fewest Apprehensions since 1972by Brenda Walker 
  51. Is Mordechai Orian Supplying Obama`s Mark Rich Moment?by Patrick Cleburne 
  52. Another Reason There Are So Many Illegal Aliens: ICE Leading Rescue Missions Into Mexicoby Federale   
  53. “Sustainability” And “Local Living Economy” As Code Words For Race And Rainby Steve Sailer 
  54. Failure Rewarded, Excellence Punished In NY Fire Department “Discrimination” Caseby John Derbyshire 
  55. FBI Still Profiling, But Now The ACLU Is “Profiling” Arpaio For Profiling Illegalsby Federale 
  56. Advanced Ebonicsby John Derbyshire 
  57. Colorado Killings-The Songby John Derbyshire 
  58. America As The World`s Crash Padby Steve Sailer 
  59. Ishmaelia: From Evelyn Waugh`s “Scoop”by Steve Sailer 
  60. Sonny Bono In Full: “When Something Is Illegal, It`s Illegal. Enforce The Law”by James Fulford





  1. A Pennsylvania State Employee Reports That The Quaker State Is Going Latino 
  2. An Illinois Reader Says Immigrants Shouldn`t Be Expected To Be Loyal To America-But Americans Must     
  3. A New York Reader Asks “How Do We Defend Our Borders?”    
  4. A California Mormon Reader Is Pessimistic About His Faith`s Influence On Romney    
  5. A Florida Reader Notes An “Ironic” MSM Story About Illegal Immigration    
  6. A Reader Thinks That Muslim Influence In Congress Is The Least Of Our Problems    
  7. An Irish Reader Questions The Existence Of Intelligence-We Inform Him    
  8. A Reader Says Romney Is Taking White Male Voters For Granted 


Syndicated Columns
  1. Escape From Economics by Paul Craig Roberts
  2. Is Mitt Being Neoconned Into War? by Patrick J. Buchanan
  3. BFD: A Biden Fabulist Dudby Michelle Malkin 
  4. Syria: Washington`s Latest War Crimeby Paul Craig Roberts 
  5. Hey, Boston: Leave Chick-fil-A Aloneby Michelle Malkin



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