03/19/12 America`s Emerging “Hate Crime” Totalitarianism

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America`s Half-Blood Prince
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Alien NAtion
Alien Nation
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The Politically Correct conventional wisdom was silent about the fact that Dharun Ravi is an immigrant, although Third World hostility to gays is notorious (remember Pim Fortuyn?) But it cheered on the totalitarian implications of his conviction. Etc etc. 


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Featured Articles


  1. That Ravi vs. Clementi “Hate Crime” Verdict: How Long Before VDARE.com Gets Shut Down? by Patrick Cleburne
  2. Leo Strauss, Immigration, And Israel by Paul Gottfried 
  3. More On Murray: Race, Class And the Sacralization of Ellis Island by Steve Sailer 
  4. Republicans in Puerto Rico: Santorum Wrong-Foots Romney On Official English by Suzanne Bibby 
  5. St Patrick`s Day 2012: The Wearing O` The…Confederate Battle Flag? by Peter Brimelow 
  6. Obama Panders To Latino Vote-Will GOP “Pander” To Americans? by Allan Wall 
  7. Menachem Rosensaft, VDARE.com`s Peter Brimelow, And Hitler`s Revenge by Charles Bloch 
  8. Electing New Texans-Obama`s War Against White America by Paul Kersey








  1. Oops …French Nationalists NOT To Blame For Toulouse Killings by Steve Sailer
  2. California`s Napa County Must Print Ballots in Spanish by Brenda Walker
  3. SBPDL Provides Trayvon Martin Antidote by Patrick Cleburne
  4. American Renaissance Conference In Tennessee A Success, And Here Are Some Reasons Why by James Fulford
  5. Instapundit: “For Fear Of Rioting By Noncitizen Immigrants” by James Fulford 
  6. How Far Can You Stretch Affirmative Action-Eligibility Claims? by Steve Sailer 
  7. Organ Pipe Park Tours Now Include Armed Guards by Brenda Walker 
  8. Norway`s Destruction And Milton Friedman by Patrick Cleburne 
  9. More Instant Democrats: USCIS To Encourage Homosexual Immigration Fraud by Federale   
  10. Study: Mexico Is Becoming More Middle Class by Brenda Walker 
  11. Norway: Future Islamization Is Calculated by Brenda Walker 
  12. Why Are GOP Candidates Campaigning In Puerto Rico? by Steve Sailer 
  13. Kony 2012 Guy As Grizzly Man by Steve Sailer   
  14. Hispanic Voter Registration Is FALLING by Peter Brimelow 
  15. New Book on Black Serial Killers by James Fulford 
  16. As Affirmative Action-Eligible as We Wish to Be by Steve Sailer 
  17. Polygamy in the U.K. by Steve Sailer   
  18. See, I Was Right by Steve Sailer 
  19. Headline of the Day by Steve Sailer 
  20. Dharun Ravi vs. Taylor Clementi: “Immigrant Convicted Of Hate Crime”? by Peter Brimelow
  21. New Orleans Gets Alabama Alien Discharge by Brenda Walker 
  22. Sharia Invaders in Belgium Declare Their Intentions by Brenda Walker 
  23. Very Reasonable Democrat Surfaces In HuffPost/Rosensaft Comment Thread! by Patrick Cleburne 
  24. Today`s Young People by Steve Sailer 
  25. Ruth Barcan Marcus, RIP by Steve Sailer   
  26. I Think They Are Trying To Tell Us Something by Steve Sailer 
  27. Santorum Supports Puerto Rican Statehood (with English) by Brenda Walker 
  28. Bryan Caplan v. Me by Steve Sailer 
  29. Bravely Confronting Hateful Protests…That The Media Refused To Cover by Anonymous Attorney 
  30. Deluxe Detention Center Opens in Texas by Brenda Walker 
  31. What KIND Of American Sergeant Is Being Held In Afghan Shootings? by James Fulford   
  32. Obamacrat Voter Fraud Facilitation Policy Illustrated by Patrick Cleburne 
  33. Peter Brimelow Will Be On Talkback With Chuck Wilder At 3:20 PM by James Fulford 
  34. Matthew Yglesias`s “The Rent Is Too Damn High” by Steve Sailer 
  35. Best Wishes To John Derbyshire by Steve Sailer 
  36. Another Fraudulent Method Of Immigration by Federale 
  37. France: Sarkozy Polling Up after He Promises Immigration Reduction by Brenda Walker 
  38. RCP`s Sean Trende Says Sailer Strategy Working For Romney by Peter Brimelow 
  39. FT, Stiglitz, Ignore Immigration Role In US Labor Market “Shambles”. by Patrick Cleburne 
  40. James Q. Wilson Archive In COMMENTARY by James Fulford




  1. Ken Masugi Writes On Straussians And Immigration
  2. A Texas Reader Reports That Mitt Romney`s Immigration Adviser Michael Chertoff Doesn`t Bode Well For Immigration Patriots 
  3. A Reader Forwards A Simply Incredible NYT Op-Ed: Not Only Is America A Nation Of Immigrants, But St. Patrick`s Day Is No Longer About The Irish  
  4. An Upstate New York Reader Suggests That, If We Give The Southwest Back To Mexico, We Should Leave It As We Found It 
  5. An Environmentalist Reader Protests 
  6. A Suspicious Reader Asks If Limbaugh Planned The Whole Thing 



Syndicated Columns

  1. ?Obama`s Algae Racket by Michelle Malkin
  2. The Glaring Inequality of Obamaville by Patrick J. Buchanan
  3. Rush and the New Blacklist by Patrick J. Buchanan
  4. The Myth of “Middle-Class” Uncle Joe Biden by Michelle Malkin
  5. Both The Market and Government Are Irrational by Paul Craig Roberts

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