Whose Country Is This?

With the support of 70 percent of
its citizens, Arizona has ordered


to secure the border and remove illegal
aliens, half a million of whom now reside there.

Arizona acted because the U.S.
government has abdicated its

constitutional duty
to protect the states from
invasion and refuses to enforce America`s immigration

"We in Arizona
have been more than patient waiting for Washington to

Gov. Jan Brewer
"But decades of
inaction and misguided policy have created an
unacceptable situation."

We have a crisis in Arizona because
we have a failed state in Washington.

What is the response of Barack
Obama, who took an oath to see to it that federal laws
are faithfully executed?

He is

siding with the law-breakers.
He is

to the ethnic lobbies. He is not berating
a Mexican regime that aids and abets this invasion of
the country of which he is commander in chief. Instead,
he attacks the government of Arizona for trying to fill
a gaping hole in law enforcement left by his own
dereliction of duty.

He has

denounced Arizona as

He has called on the Justice Department to ensure that
Arizona`s sheriffs and police do not violate anyone`s
civil rights. But he has said nothing about the rights
of the people of Arizona who must deal with the costs of
having hundreds of thousands of lawbreakers in their

How`s that for

Andrew Jackson
-style leadership?

Obama has done everything but his
duty to enforce the law.

Undeniably, making it a state as
well as a federal crime to be in this country illegally,
and requiring police to check the immigration status of
anyone they have a
is here illegally, is tough and
burdensome. But what choice did Arizona have?

The state has a fiscal crisis
caused in part by the
of providing schooling and social welfare
illegals and their families, who consume far more in
services than they pay in taxes and who continue to pour
in. Even John McCain is now calling for 3,000 troops on
the border.

Police officers
and a

prominent rancher
have been murdered. There have
been kidnappings believed to be tied to the Mexican drug
cartels. There are nightly high-speed chases through the
barrios where innocent people are constantly at risk.

If Arizona does not get control of
the border and stop the
U.S. citizens will stop coming to Arizona and will begin
to depart, as they are already fleeing California.

What we are talking about here is
the Balkanization and breakup of a nation into ethnic
enclaves. A country that cannot control its borders
isn`t really a country anymore, Ronald Reagan reminded

The tasks that Arizonans are
themselves undertaking are ones that belong by right,
the Constitution and federal law to the Border Patrol,
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Homeland

Arizona has been compelled to
assume the feds` role because the feds won`t do their
job. And for that dereliction of duty the buck stops on
the desk of the president of the United States.

Why is Obama paralyzed? Why does he
not enforce the law, even if he dislikes it, by
punishing the businessmen who hire illegals and by
sending the 12 million to 20 million illegals back home?

President Eisenhower
did it. Why won`t he?

Because he is politically correct.
Because he owes a big debt to the Hispanic lobby that
helped deliver two-thirds of that vote in 2008. Though
most citizens of Hispanic descent in Arizona want the
border protected and the laws enforced, the Hispanic
lobby demands that the law be changed.

Fair enough. But the nation rose up
as one to reject the

—i.e., amnesty—that the 2007
plan of George W. Bush, McCain, Hillary Clinton and
Barack Obama envisioned.

Al Sharpton threatens to go to
Phoenix and march in the streets against the new Arizona
law. Let him go.

Let us see how many
African-Americans, who are today frozen out of the 8
million jobs held by illegal aliens that might otherwise
go to them or their children, will march to defend an
invasion for which they are themselves paying the
heaviest price.

Last year, while Americans were
losing a net of 5 million jobs, the U.S. government—Bush
and Obama both—issued 1,131,000 green cards to legal
immigrants to come and take the jobs that did open up, a
flood of immigrants equaled in only four other years in
our history.

What are we doing to our own

Whose country is this, anyway?

America today has an establishment
that, because it does not like the immigration laws,
countenances and condones wholesale violation of those

Nevertheless, under those laws, the
U.S. government is obligated to deport illegal aliens
and punish businesses that knowingly hire them.

This is not an option. It is an

Can anyone say Barack Obama is
meeting that obligation?



Patrick J. Buchanan


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