Whiners Of The Year (Including Assorted Illegal Aliens)

They made us groan. They made us
grumble. They made us a global laughingstock. The
whiners of 2003 embarrassed themselves-and the
nation-with their unrivaled sense of entitlement,
arrogance, and shamelessness.

Let`s send them off with a
21-hankie salute and a collective kick in the pants:

Human shields. Among the
hundreds of

Saddam Hussein`s stooges
around the world who
volunteered to protect "strategic sites" in Iraq

20 American antiwar activists
. They knowingly
violated U.S. sanctions against travel and commerce with
Hussein`s regime. They let themselves be used by a
merciless dictator. Upon arrival, they complained about
being placed too close to smoky oil refineries and being
roughhoused by scary Iraqi National Guardsmen
(with—gasp—guns!). Upon return to the U.S., they
whimpered when the Treasury Department fined them up to
$10,000 for breaking the rules.

But what about our free speech?
they blubbered. What about it? It`s one thing to trot
around naked in Berkeley with "I Hate America"
tattooed on your chest. It is quite another to travel to
Baghdad to impede a potential American military
operation and endanger our soldiers` lives. One American
human shield, Faith Fippinger,

bawled to the BBC
that she might lose her house if

forced to pay the fine.
Poor baby. "Civil
has consequences. What would

Henry David Thoreau
think of your caviling?

Pipe down and pay up.

Illegal alien litigants. How
do you say `chutzpah` in Spanish? After being
caught working illegally at Wal-Mart, a group of nine
illegal aliens is

suing the company
for alleged discrimination in
failing to pay overtime and withhold taxes. Meanwhile,
the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
has filed suit against seven public colleges in
Virginia. MALDEF is challenging an

advisory opinion
issued by Virginian attorney

Jerry W. Kilgore,
who urged college officials to
deny admission to illegal alien students. MALDEF`s

creative legal team claims
that Virginia is
violating the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution
and "impermissibly occupying a field that Congress
has the exclusive authority to occupy."

Finally, the open-borders lobby has
discovered an American law it wants to see enforced.

Michael Jackson. The


, lipstick-wearing entertainer ran
into trouble with the law again this year. Facing seven
charges of child molestation and two charges of

"administering an intoxicating liquor to a child for the
purpose of committing a felony,"
pallid pop star and his defenders have resorted to
playing the race card of all things. Brother Jermaine
likened the prosecution to a

"modern-day lynching."
Jesse Jackson


racial double standards
in the justice system.

Crying racial wolf might have
worked for Michael Jackson in 1979, perhaps the last
year anyone actually thought of him as a black
celebrity. But now? This bogus ploy is as transparent
as, um, Michael`s fading face.

Democratic presidential
candidate John Kerry
. He votes for the Iraq war
resolution. He carps about President Bush proceeding to
use it. He espouses a "bold, new vision" of
leadership. He says `F-k`

on the record
. He agrees to appear on Jay Leno`s
show. He complains about having to follow Triumph the
Insult Comic Dog puppet. You`re a

war hero
, Senator. Wipe your nose and act like one.

Rep. Bill Janklow.
The Republican congressman
from South Dakota is still refusing to accept the
consequences of his actions like a man. On Aug. 16, in
his hometown of Flandreau, Janklow plowed his speeding
Cadillac through a traffic sign and into Randy Scott`s
Harley-Davidson. Scott died instantly. A notorious
scofflaw who brazenly joked about his longtime penchant
for serial speeding, Janklow refused to admit guilt in
the incident. Instead, his lawyers mounted a

"Diabetes made him do it"
defense. The
congressman hadn`t eaten for 20 hours before the
accident and his blood sugar was low, they beseeched. A
hometown jury rejected Janklow`s weasel defense and

swiftly convicted
him on charges of second-degree
manslaughter. A shocked Janklow is now appealing the
unanimous verdict, claiming that prosecutors failed to
present enough evidence to prove him guilty.

Some people just don`t know when to

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