Weapons of Mass Deception: Somebody Lied

With John Kerry on the eve of
uniting the Democratic Party and George W. Bush

sinking slowly
in national polls, political reality
seems to have begun to glimmer inside the Bush White
House, to the point that the president has now decided
the better part of valor would be an “independent
into the claims that Iraq possessed the
fabled "Weapons of Mass Destruction." For the
White House even to grant such a concession is a blatant
contradiction of what the president and his advisors
have been saying ever since they started making the case
for war with Iraq at all.

It is a contradiction because even
as it became clear that there were no "Weapons of
Mass Destruction"
to be found, the administration
persisted in claiming they had found them. Last spring,
Mr. Bush himself babbled about

two captured Iraqi trailers
that supposedly were
used to produce biological agents. By summer it was
clear they were used to produce

hydrogen for weather balloons
. Until recently Vice
President Cheney and other administration officials have
also repeatedly

that the WMDs really existed, had been
found, would be found, or might be found, and Defense
Secretary Rumsfeld still does.

"Until recently" means until
(a) former chief weapons inspector

David Kay testified to Congress
last week that he
now believes there were no such weapons and (b) the
Democratic primaries began to paste Mr. Bush right and
left and produce a candidate who has far more
substantial support than the eccentric Howard Dean. Only
at that point did something resembling reality began to
creep tiptoe through the White House corridors.

But the White House would be ill
advised to let reality creep too far. Reality is that
there are not and never were (since at least the early
1990s) any WMDs in Iraq, and any “independent
into the "intelligence failure" that
claimed there were will have to account for why "we"
thought so. Sooner or later, for all the "intelligence
failures" the administration and its “independent
discover, reality will lead inexorably to
what the White House knows is unsayable: Somebody lied.

You can call it "massaging" the
intelligence or leaping to the worst case interpretation
or seizing on those analyses that fit your preconceived
conclusion that Iraq did have such weapons or any other
euphemism you can invent, but the point is that all the
"intelligence failures" about Iraq`s WMDs pointed in one
direction—that they existed. Incompetence is always
random. Usually it`s wrong, but sometimes it`s right,
which is why a broken clock is sometimes right. The
"intelligence failure" that claimed Saddam had WMDs was
never right and always wrong, so it was not a failure or
the result of incompetence. It was—somewhere along the
line—deliberate: a lie.

Why did "somebody" lie and who is
"somebody"? I`ll bet my biological agents Mr. Bush`s
“independent inquiry”
won`t even ask those
questions, much less answer them, because if they were
asked and answered, more than a few heads would have to

My own answer is that the lie was
fabricated by neo-conservatives in the administration
whose first loyalty is to Israel and its interests and
who wanted the United States to smash Iraq because it
was the biggest potential threat to Israel in the
region. They are known to have been pushing for war with
Iraq since

at least 1996
, but they could not make an effective
case for it until after Sept. 11, 2001.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul
Wolfowitz, the Jerusalem Post`s

Man of the Year
last year, started the ball rolling
only days after 9/11 with a proposal to the president
that we attack Iraq. With adherents in the Pentagon, the
Vice President`s office and the intelligence community,
this fifth column twisted and twirled the intelligence
about Iraq`s weapons capacities until it justified what
they wanted to do.

Ever since Saddam was overthrown,
the same cabal—there`s really no better word for it—has
been pushing for more wars against Syria and Iran, also
Israel`s enemies. Mr. Bush shows little sign of wising
up to how these ostensible supporters have manipulated
and exploited him and his administration and the country
itself for their own ends. If he stays in office, we may
well be at war with other states in the Middle East in
the near future.

What is needed is not Mr. Bush`s
predictably tame “independent inquiry” but a real
and serious investigation of the cabal and its tentacles
inside the administration, conducted by Congress or a
real independent commission. What has been happening
inside the Bush administration is no less a nest of
treason than the

Soviet spy rings
of the

New Deal era
, and if political reality doesn`t
demand its exposure, simple loyalty to the United States



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